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Pinterest, the new hot property in Social Media has already gained a lot of traction as far as the American market is concerned.

The company has launched new web analytics tool for Businesses/Brands for them to better understand and utilize their Pinterest resources for content optimization.

With Pinterest related analytics tools like Pinreach and Pinpuff already in the market, Pinterest can be a little more sophisticated in their approach with their own analytics for brands on par with Facebook Insights an LinkedIn Insights.

Below are the features you can expect out of the tool which would be launched for Businesses who have a verified profile with Pinterest:

1. Your total pins
2. Repins of your pins
3. Impressions generated
4. Click throughs

Each of those metrics has a unique user count along with the total actions taken by them on your pins. And just like in Facebook Insights, you can select custom date ranges and pre-defined ranges for your view and compare the data for any spike or abnormality in your weekly activity. And if you are a data junkie like me, you can also export the same in a .csv file and play around with the data to represent a cool looking dashboard to your boss/client.

The other tabs give you a drill-down in to what’s recently pinned/repinned and clicked.Helps us to optimize and think over the content and imagery which resonates with your brand’s audience the most. So if you see any spike in the data, you can drill down in to the particular range and see what/which image actually caused it. Ain’t that cool?

And if you want to know the consumer behavior of the user who is re-pinning your most popular pins, you can do that too. Clicking on any pin tells you the activity of the user and what other pins/interest he is hooked on to on Pinterest. So if i pin a Galaxy S4 on Pinterest along with an iPhone, the brands know that i am interested in to buying (if a chance arises) in both the products (can be a gold mine for eCommerce sites if they are serious about Pinterest). You can download these information via a CSV download on the 100 most recent pinned/repinned/clicked pins for more detailed information on these.

The new tool can be used to give insights in to the consumer behavior on the web and how their users are talking about the products and organizing them on Pinterest. How brands utilize this data for their benefit? Only time will tell.

Let me know your thoughts about how you feel about this new development on Pinterest.

PS: If you are a business and still not verified your website, you can verify it here