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So as the Nation was observing a two day bandh(holiday) due to the nationwide protests, The people of Mumbai had to drag their asses of to work. Why?

Because frankly we don’t care..

So why do Bandh’s happen anyway?

Well, Bandh’s are supposed to be a peaceful protest carried out to let the Government know something is not going right for the people.

What it has Become?

An excuse for the families to sit at home and watch TV,tweeting their agony online,chat on Facebook and curse the politicians on the NewsHour.


Source: Business-standard.com

Does it help us in anyway?

More losses are registered countrywide with the economy coming to a standstill. The country which is already head to toe in debt registering losses of more than 26,000 crores. People beaten up because they opened their shops (Talk about Freedom, eh?). Children playing cricket on the streets as that is the only day when the Roads are free of Traffic Jams.

So speaking of which, it does help the kids in the end as it aides them for a new playground to play on. But otherwise, It is just another political gimmick which leads this country nowhere.

And i am glad Mumbai didn’t care at least this time.