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It had been a while since i had plucked my six strings. Not there was no reason to, Just that i had my own time constraints (Yeah, i know same old novice excuses).

But then, This happened:


Baiju’s heroics with guitar are well known. But something in this song (patriotic cum carnatic licks) urged me to take up my Ibanez yet again to try try and succeed again.

The acoustic feel of my Pluto and the legato feel of my Ibanez. Feels like yesterdays and i hope i continue my little stint of practicing and keeping up with the changing times. Not for being a Pro Guitarist, Just because playing Guitar makes me feel ‘Free’!

Free from all the hassles of the everyday life.
Free from your Client and your routine chaos.
Free from the ‘thing to survive’ feeling
It just makes me feel somewhat more like ‘Me’. Something less like the rest of the world.

Hoping for a Guitar Filled Year ahead.. \m/