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There was a time when BBM was the king. I remember college kids getting Blackberry just to get their hands on BBM and exchanging their pins then on to get hands on the various features BBM had to offer. So what happened to BBM now? WhatsApp happened

SMS’es now a days are the things of the past. Those who use smart phones are either hooked on to WatsApp for chatting with their friends or use Social Networking apps to connect with them otherwise.

Blackberry other than it’s Outlook mail integration was famous for BBM which not only scrapped the need to exchange personal information between users through a simple exchange of pins but also provided security via encrypted messages. The messages were encrypted via RIM servers and could not be read by anyone else. Once deleted, could not be recovered and were untraceable. Sort of  the ideal way for corporate professionals with their secret and confidential data on the line.

When i asked my friends to this never ending debate, mostly had the same point of view to it. BBM is for the more stylish and WhatsApp is for the more common ones. But i beg to differ,Buying a BlackBerry just for BBM is worhtless if you are getting the same (and perhaps more) features in a Free messenger such as WhatsApp. Add to it the messenger being cross platformed and you just do not have to own only a specific model to chat with your friends.

BBM may complain WhatsApp may have built on what they had specialized on, but then they did not totally copy BBM and the one feature they did build which BBM couldn’t, found the users favor the product more (Cross-Platform integration). In an age where people change their handsets more than their girlfriends, WhatsApp can find an advantage where it integrates numbers without you manually adding them whereas with BBM you would have to circulate the BBM pin throughout your circles to do the same.

The only thing that could turn off users from WhatsApp is if they start going the Facebook way and bombard the users with Ads all around their messages. But according to their CEO for now, WatsApp doesn’t plan that for their users. Jan Koum while speaking to Developer Tech stated:

“People don’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘I want to see more advertising’,” he added. “We have a client relationship with our users. If we serve advertising then the advertisers become the clients, and the users just become the users”

The only thing BBM scores over WhatsApp is in it’s efficiency and pace. But being a BB Guy or a Girl ,they have their pride (Just as IPhone guys do, even though i feel you get a better deal out of an Android) and will always prefer a BBM and rightly so after paying for it.With more than 2 billion messages transferred each day through WhatsApp, the company has only way up from here. But i being an Android Fan will always prefer WhatsApp anyday. So, the question arises.

Is WhatsApp Killing BBM?

My Take: It has already begun!!