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Local BanyaWhile i was surfing a while ago on Facebook. I came across a page which my friend had liked. The name itself made me check out the page. Local Banya tries to instigate your daily meals to be purchased online too.

In an emerging Indian E-Commerce marker where everyone wants to be a Flipkart, this start-up came up with a unique concept of selling your daily groceries from Rice to Soap online. With over 4,000 fans on Facebook, the company is yet to grow to it’s full potential. The Facebook page throws up much interesting content with the Pehchan Kaun Campaign mostly asking the customers to guess about the products visually.Twitter on the other hand ranges from running discounts on their products to customer service.

Ranging from HealthCare products to Magazines to even Fruits and Vegetables, you can find everything here. And most of the products at a feasibly discounted price. Interface looks clean and not much flashy content from here and there.The minimum Order value for purchasing though needs to be Rs.500. The Free Home Delivery service all across Mumbai as of now, now you wooudn’t want to stand in a line to pay your cash at a counter or even so fight with you BhajiWaala for a 5 Rs discount.

So, If you are tired of bargaining with an actual Banya, you can always go and checkout their site as i will be doing right now.

An Android App for the same perhaps?? Local Banya’s are you listening??