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You don’t expect this from a company like Facebook..But to Err is human, and Facebook is a place for humans!! 🙂

When you go in to any Facebook page which has more than 30 likes, you do have Facebook Insights turned on for that page automatically. The way you can view the publicly available insights is going to the Facebook tabs and clicking on ‘Likes’ Tabs.

You will be redirected to something which is of a similar situation like below. You will be shown new likes and People Talking Trends for the past 3 months and also the ‘Most Popular Week’ and ‘Most Popular City’.

But when you hover the ‘Most Popular Age Group’ you will find where something has gown wrong. Yes!!! That should be ‘The largest age group of People talking about your page’. Not much of a deal from a standalone point of view..

But just thinking where exactly has the ‘L’ gone??

Spelling Error visible on all Facebook insights publicly available to everyone