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Google and Bing have constantly been on the lookout with how to make their searches more social. With Google’s ‘Plus your World‘ providing you insights in to what your friends have viewed and +1’d and Bing tapping in on their ‘strong’ friendship with Facebook with their Social Graph in place.

Social Media has become a key factor to determine useful content online. That’s why you have Digg, StumleUpon and Reddit. People can find what other people find the most interesting readout’s on the internet. A concept simple yet so effective. I would rather read an article referred to be my friend or peer than some company shoving it down my throat.

That’s when Sharing meets Social.

For me sharing has always a greater value than just commenting or liking some content. This is for one simple reason, You will share only those articles which drive or relate to your inner-self. Topics that you would be most interested in.

Commenting or liking a post or article is just engaging with that brand/post but sharing that content is your content of approval for that Brand. And if you got a bunch of Friends for whom you are a techie/geek who knows everything, you might influence their buying decisions by just sharing your views with them.

So wouldn’t it would be cooler if i know which of my content is being shared most online? Which of my product or it’s related reviews is being recommended by it’s audience.

I found a great Social Media tool last week, which just does that!!

Social Crawlytics is currently free and you can log in to it using your very own Twitter Account. So how do you go about it?

Just enter the URL of the domain you want to crawl and Submit. But one thing to make a note of here as Social Crawlytics clearly defines:

http://www.domain.com and domain.com are treated differently. If you enter domain.com to be scanned, but it redirects to http://www.domain.com it will not be followed.

The Crawl depth list box defines the depth of the pages you want to crawl the main domain (sub-levels). So if you have too many sub-levels to go with expect more time to crawl. Credits mentioned at the top are nothing but how many pages would be crawled for you. Initially i had been provided with 500 Credits which would be refreshed each week. So per week i would be allowed only to crawl 500 pages only be it for single or multiple sites. But, we can increase our credit limit by the ‘Pay with a Tweet‘ option.

And how do you know when the site is crawled? You can post a Tweet to your own timeline or can send a email notification to your desired email address. Once the website is crawled, you can view the report in your ‘Reports’ Tab and can also find the other reports saved over time in there.

 I crawled the first 500 pages of one of the e-commerce related companies . The Dashboard on the left shows you Total Shares happening on those 500 pages along with the time it took to crawl those pages.

With 37,309 shares across all Social Networks, The Shares/Page comes around to 75 shares on an average. You also get the option to download the same report in a CSV format to analyse the report and build some decks on it in Excel.

Facebook was the clear winner in terms of sharing with 64% happening on the Social Networking site with Twitter coming in second.

There is also options for Shares by Types pie chart along with the ‘Sunburst Chart’ which trcks which type of content is being most shared across the networks( HTML or Rich Media). One more feature it provides us with is the table section of page wise segregation of articles being shared across the popular social networks which can really help us compare the following and engagement of one page with another. Be it a Blog related topic or a simple product related page.

One of the primary weapons this tool can be used for is to track it for your competitor’s site as well. So once, i compared the e-commerce site to it’s competitor’s site as well. The results were insightful and provided me with some context as to where the fan-base is sharing more about their brand pages and gives us an idea where their followers are most active on.

Something i would definitely would want to see from this tool in their upcoming releases would be the list of users who share the most content from their website. This then can be helpful in identifying some key influencers who can be tapped in through Social Media.

So even if you have a slightest of interests in SEO or Social Media publishing, this Social Media tool might be the thing for you to look forward to.