Facebook has been under the radar lately for it’s Ad strategy after the much speculated announcement by General Motors to end their relationship with Facebook Ads. This made everyone think if Facebook Ads actually drive Traffic and Engagement for their Brands?

For me, it is the matter of executing the strategy in a creative and intelligent way. It will work if you make it work.I have listed some of the ways i feel the Ads can be more receptive and influential and drive action via Consumer Behavior

 Target Audience:

Decide your Target Audience on Facebook

If i am a Men’s Clothing Brand, it does not take an Einstein to decide who my target audience will be(Men Obviously Duhh!!). But then Some brands seem to forget that part. I have seen Brands in order to get the maximum number of impressions possible advertise content who are not at all related to their product.

I actually saw an advertisement trying to sell me women’s accessories on my profile page. Me, being a guy am least interested in buying women’s cosmetics. Hence,An Impression and effort wasted.

Brands should target their specific target audience and needs to identify the specific age group which they would want to attract, For example, a gaming related product would attract more Males in the age group of 18-30 than others. So advertising on profile’s of such people would rather make sens and can expect a higher CTR than randomly advertising it on anyone’s profile.

Interactions Are the Key:

What drives an audience for a click? Is it just the brand?(highly unlikely) or the content?If the content you are posting on Facebook is plain and boring,expect a boring result as well.

Pictures Speak louder than words!!

Always try and engage your audience with a great tagline with a relevant picture assigned besides it. A 50% sale on a watch would work with the picture of the watch more than the pic of a fashion model who is nowhere related to that watch. I have seen instances, where brands have posted irrelevant pictures which are not at all relating to their content, just to grab eyeballs. That Does NOT WORK.

Yebhi.com created a bizarre marketing campaign over a month ago,which depicted semi nude models while the offer was not at all related to the picture. A move to grab eyeballs and hoping the consumers would then convert in to fans. I read it first in Pluggd.in

Define Your Goals:

Some brands just want to increase their Fans count. A good ego boost for them but hardly drives anything substantial. I have liked more than 500 pages on Facebook, but i engage with hardly 20 of them. So my engagement rate with my liked pages is less than 4%. Liking a page does not guarantee a lead or a sales. Advertising your content on Facebook should be defined with a clear objective.Some ads directly link to the external website of their brand page. This for me can be a turn off for the users who would not want to be redirected out of their Facebook domain for any reason. On Google, if you search for a product you want to know more about the product or would like to buy it. Hence clicking on an ad is more likely because simply you want to.

On Facebook, this logic does not apply simple because, i am on Facebook to check out my social friends and communicate with them. I don’t come to Facebook with any intention of checking out product. Hence your Ads have to be loud enough to be heard in content and should drive a specific call to action. Relevance to your audience and your audience to your products is the Key here

Let me know if you have come across any great Facebook Ad campaigns being run by a Brand which were highly successful in comments.