#Hashtag can be anything. Any word or phrase precedded by a ‘#’ and not containing spcaces in between is a Hasthag in Twitter.

Why it’s used?

Answer: To organize and categorize the billions of tweets being tweeted everyday.

So if you click on the example of the hashtag above, you will find all the relevant tweets by people who have used that hashtag sorted by the most recent ones.Something that Twitter Junkies create everyday to tweet about topics ranging from #Business to #Troll

  • Creating a Hashtag:
Hashtags are there to be created by EVERYONE cause we are free to create our own.But which of them get used much and which of them lay there dusted is a different story altogether. Businesses use this great opportunity to promote their events and products which ensures engagement and people talking about their products and services on Twitter. So if I am Samsung and i am launching a new Galaxy series product i would start tweeting relevant content including the hashtag #SamsungGalaxy 
  • Using the Hashtag:

This Hashtag was used by KingFisher

Creating the hashtag is just a start. Promoting your hashtags with interesting content is the main job and many people have a problem there. Spamming too many tweets with the same hashtag is not the solution here.You can always tweet some interesting content related with the hashtag to your followers. For that,you should be knowing what kind of followers do you have for them to tweet more using your hashtag. If you have an audience that is more interested in Technology and you promote Finance with your tweets, i would have an audience least interested in tweeting about it.The sole purpose of using the hashtags is defeated. Remember, Always wisely choose the hashtags which is receptive by your audience.

#KFBeerUp was one such hashtag used and promoted by Kingfisher very wisely as depicted in the picture above
  • Follow the Right people:
Hashtag search on twitter can also be the way for you to follow the right and influential people about that particular topic. So if you are enthusiastic about #SocialMedia like i am, after reading through the stream you might find the right people to follow who are actually tweeting about the topic and are as enthusiastic about it as you are. This can also be a way to get yourself educated with the right mixture of blogs and articles being trended with that hashtag. A simple and faster way for you to read about your favorite topics if you don’t have that much time in your hands to crawl your way through each and every blog you can think of otherwise
  • Engage with the people:
Nothing would be beneficial if you don’t actually jump in to the conversation. When Tweeps out there are already talking about the content you are interested in, why not deep dive in and take a part yourself. 
  • Shortening your Tweets:
 Hashtags along with categorizing your tweets in the right way for your audience also help you shorten and use the sentences you would rather use in the tweet. Twitter character limit is 140, Remember? So Follow Friday becomes #FF and an Indian Reality Show Satyamev Jayate becomes #SMJ
  • Don’t Spam Hashtags
#Please #DoNot #Do #This #Coz it will #irritate #people
Use hashtags sparingly and wisely and overuse of them is highly not recommended.