Twitter was never to be a Social Media networking site. It was supposed to be used as a SMS type service for a small group at the podcasting company Odeo.

Twitter from then has come a long way. With 600 million registered users and growing and more than 350 million tweets daily you can decipher that Twitter has become a part of a daily routine for many.

If you want to view the power of Twitter, here is a cool infographic provided by SocialMediaToday which projects aptly the rise of Twitter to stardom. What makes Twitter ‘great’ from ‘good’ is the platform it provides with an exponential amplification. What marketers dreamed about to achieve known as ‘Viral reach’ is now just a tweet away.All you need is a great content and a Twitter Account. ‘Word of Mouth‘ has literally transformed to ‘World of Mouth

So what’s in it for you?

You being a blogger/Marketer/Brand or a simple human being. The basic principle Twitter works on is Social Connection. For bloggers, it acts as a great platform to amplify or showcase their content after building a great pool of followers. For a marketer or a brand it is more about building brand awareness first and also for customer outreach in some cases. For personal use, it is more about sharing great content and connecting with friends. All your thoughts wrapped up in 140 letters

  •  Time and Patience:
Rome was not built in one day and so is the case with your Twitter base. It requires dedication and great content from your side. Once you build your own issues around you will get your own set of followers which will like the content you share and eventually want more from you. Share intelligently and responsibly
  • No SPAM Please :
I have seen brands spamming their followers with content with every 30 minutes which clutter their twitter feed to the core. In the end they get frustrated and unfollow them (Same was the case with me). Hence,tweet responsibly. Do not self-boast. Share relevant content to your followers and friends. 4-8 tweets per day sums it up.
  • Follow Key people:
I do not believe in the policy of ‘You follow me/I follow you. Follow people you actually think make or share great content which you can leverage to bring insight in to your work area. Following 1,000 people and hardly reading any of their tweets is as good as being in a crowded room and not interacting.
  • Tweet Evergreen content:
Mashable in some way’s teaches us this. Evergreen content does not fade out with time. People can come back to it and still gain something out of it. Tweeting about weather and current topics is fine, but for educating your followers, always look around for content or articles that adds value in to the future. Somewhere ‘How-To’s and 10 Things To Do …… do just that
  • Including Contagious Content:
Visual or Multimedia Tweets are always said to be higher clicked or re-tweeted for their pure form of visual appeal. As Jeff Bullas rightly says Create content so good,that it begs to be shared
Making people share your content is a bit tricky but not impossible. It just needs to be informative or entertaining.
  • Hashtagging:
Hashtags is where all the fun begins on Twitter. It is the heart and soul of a tweet. Helps you categorize what your tweet is actually all about. So if you are tweeting about the currently ongoing EURO Football match, You can include a #Euro to indicate you are commenting on something related to Euro matches. Brands have started using this feature wisely now to promote their content through hilarious yet relevant hash-tags which injects people to contribute or engage with their thoughts via the hash-tag.
Twitter is especially a great tool for bloggers as it provides the same platform where you can share your passion,where ideas pop up to write and where you reach out to your subscribers. An all in one package. And if you don’t have a Tweet button on your website, i recommend you to install one now, Otherwise you are losing out on a huge asset buddy!!