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Pinterest – arguably the world’s newest Social Media heavyweight is still an unconquered territory for many. You are a kickass blogger and you may know how to spread your messages through Facebook and Twitter. But what about Pinterest? If you do not know what Pinterest is, you can refer to the article i wrote earlier. That will help you get started about what this Social networking and photo sharing site is all about.

It is an ideal platform for retailers and artists alike to showcase their products on a global scale in more of a pictorial format then keeping it word based. But, generating buzz and measuring it alike is not an easy task on Pinterest and is still kind of an unexplored territory.

Here i list some of the Tools that make it easier for content marketers and brands alike to get closer to measuring their goals and creating ones according to their strategies on Pinterest

  • PinPuff

Pinpuff is a great tool to get you started with your most basic metrics. It gives you board wise segregation of the ‘Likes’,’Repins’ and ‘Followers’ your each board on Pinterest has. You can then decide which one of your Board is appealing more to the audience in terms of visual content and then work on it’s enhancements and features to provide more value add.

Pinpuff Analytics

Here you can see the screenshot of my Pinterest Profile which showcases my Pinfluence Score more on the lines of Klout determining how influential are you on Pinterest. Along with the basic metrics it also provided ‘Reach’ and ‘Virality’ Scores . Any score above 50 on this front is considered to be a healthy one. My Virality score is above 89 which showcases my pins apparently are very well received on Pinterest and is relevant to the audience that are my followers. Activity Score on the other hand can give you an overview as to how much active are you on Pinterest and if you need to work on your strategy to post on a more regular basis to catch the attention of your followers.

All you have to do is go to Pinpuff and enter your email id along with your Pinterest username and Bingo!! Magic will happen..One of the great advantages this tool has is it’s FREE in nature which makes it a great asset for any Pinterest user. Any stats is considered a good stat if it has a $ value attached to it. Pinpuff tries a hand at this theory by giving Pin worth and Cost per Click. Although i find these stats to be bogus and not clear how they actually land up on these.

  • PinReach

Pinreach Dashboard

PinReach takes Pinterest analytics to the next level with attractive charts.This is similar on the lines of Klout which measures your social influence.The Pinreach Score is an amalgamation of various factors as explained by the Pinreach team here. You can see the trends of each board with each other along with how your most popular pins are performing and which is the most re-pinned of them all.On the right hand side you can see the summary of your activities with how many likes and repins your Pinterest boards are garnering which is somewhat similar to Pinpuff. What showcases PinReach from PinPuff is the detailed trends for your most popular pins and boards and you can download the same as a vector image. The Influential Followers tab is useful only if your followers are connected to PinReach as well.PinReach is a great way to gauge your Pinterest activity and popularity, and view how you fare with others.All you need to do is sign up to PinReach is complete the registration with your Pinterest username and you are good to go
If you are thinking that it is a tedious task to pin images from each and every website, there are several Browser extensions available that can make your task easier. Facebook for instance does not allow pinning directly from their site. One tweak to this is you can right click the image and say ‘Open Image in a New Tab‘ and then you can either paste the url directly to the ‘Add a Pin’ button or can use a browser extension mentioned below to do the same task for you
  • If you want to pin images using a keyboard shortcut, install Pin It!
  • If you want to add Pinterest to your context menu on your Chrome, you can  Install Quick Pinterest
  •  Firefox users can install Pinterest Right Click to get the same functionality.
  • With Pinzy you can enlarge images on Pinterest simply by hovering over them.
  • Want to know how many images have been pinned from any given site? Install the Pinterest Pin It Button from Shareaholic. And you can use the button to pin buttons from Chrome to boot.
  • URL2Pinit is also a great tool to pin a website to your Pinterest board. You can enter the URL in the box and it will automatically pull images of the website which you can then pin to your boards.

Let me know if you have any other Pinterest Tools and tips you can share and i would be happy to include it.