One of the premier things Brands fall for is they use Social Media more of as a marketing channel to reap the huge following in the Social Media world. And most of the strategies fall flat. Unlike TV and Print media, marketing messages are not the way to deal with Social Media. It is more of interaction and communication and less of ‘Selling’. It is a step with which you can reach your customers and then harness their numbers to boost your brand value online

First things first,

People hate to be sold things

When i am watching a movie on a TV and a commercial comes up, i simple change the channel, I don’t notice all the print ads. So in the same sense, when i follow a brand on Facebook or Twitter, I don’t want to be pasted with Sales type languages in my face on a regular basis. I would simply stop following the brand.

The consumers on Facebook are never in the mood of buying unless the need be. They come online to have a good time, share with Friends, ‘Like’ the contents they read and share. So do you really want to sell to your fans who are not even in the mood of buying?

In social media, you will hardly see a sales based tweet or post going viral. Honestly, a person sharing a content with another person is actually a recommendation for that brand. And recommendations or shares are high in number when the content posted is good (or in many cases humorous). Nothing gains virality like Humor on Facebook. That doesn’t mean you should bring Humor to your brand or page even if unnecessary. Coca Cola Facebook Page is a great example of engagement driven posts which drives conversations based more on user’s stories than bragging about their own product.

So how Interactions on Social Media will improve your Brand online?

It is a simple algorithm:

The more content-oriented and non-salesy your posts are, the more likes and comments you will recieve

The more interactions on your posts or tweets or even hashtags promoted by you would mean the activity of your fans visible to their friends walls.

So if i have 10 friends who have liked the Coke page and are commenting on an interesting post, i would out of sheer curiosity go and like the page and check out what is it all about.

The reach of the page, hence automatically increases ten folds. Nothing in the marketing world sells like ‘Word of Mouth’.

You would rather like a page liked mostly by your friends then a page advertised by Facebook Ads

So if i come online and i find something interesting your page has posted, i will spend my valuable time going through it and checking the stuff out. Now, if it is worth my time, you will gain a status of authority from me and other fans about your posts being a great value add to read and share and we(some of them who thought it was worth sharing) will value it back by sharing it to their friends.Hence, ‘buying’ likes is always a wrong idea

For instance, i am always most likely to share stuff about Guitar manufacturers (like Gibson,Fender) when they write or share some info i find really helpful and i would want to know more about it. This would wake the Guitarist side of me and i would want my other friends to know about it too. So i have more possibility of connecting with pages related to my interests then Reality shows on TV (Which i find Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrringggggggggg!!!)

It is best when you get it straight from the horse’s mouth!!

The best way to interact with your fan base is hearing it directly from them. Ask questions, Hold quizzes which will keep your audience busy with interesting plots. This will help you determine what is the current mindset of your fans and how they are feeling about a certain topic.

You can create your own marketing research out of these interactions with your fanbase and the best part of it all, With Social Media, it is FREE