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Facebook is constantly trying to evolve by providing new metrics for the Facebook Page owners/Developers to play around with which will help them understand what is best for their page/application and what is causing them harm.

Facebook on their blog post announced the inclusion of two more metrics which are relevant to Facebook applications and developers to measure the success of their application.

  • App Ratings:

Facebook had already started with the mechanism of asking users to rate the applications on the scale of 1-5 (obviously 1 being poor and 5 being the best). This would help them measure how the application is appealing to the user in terms of it’s content and feel and if the application is being too demanding in terms of permission or even content for that matter.They have also made it available to the Facebook developers which will help them to view as to how many users are actually rating the application on an average basis. They can play with the time ranges to see the pattern of the users and what is being the most voted rating.
The developer can then take a decision as to where his application stands and what measures he has to take or goals to set. So if the application on an average is getting 3 star on a consistent basis,that can be concluded by him as a mediocre performance by the application. He can then take a decision as to what is lagging in his application in terms of user interaction or too much spamming or simply the content the application is offering
One more drill down it can provide is the breakdown of the same metric with Demographics/Countries/Locale. This will help them locate if the app is performing or not performing well in certain regions/age groups and then initiate corrective measures for the same.
  • Negative Feedback:

This metric which was also included in the Post level insights a while ago is a very powerful metric in terms of finding out the RCA of any page post not performing as expected. The same applies for Apps.
If your application is spamming too much content on user’s walls with requests and non related activity, they are bound to be hidden or deleted. Negative Feedback records such activities both from Streams and open graph which includes:
1) Hiding stories from your App
2) Reported the stories as Spam
3) Blocked the App
There is also Negative Signal which will help you analyse the percentage of negative feedback your app is generating as against the impressions of it. In simple terms
Negative Signal = Negative Feedback / Total Impressions by the App
Developers will be able to compare the action of the users using their application as to the users not using their application and complaining of unnecessary posts clogging their wall.