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Source: Inside Facebook

Facebook, once again is trying out new things. Facebook for some of the users is rolling out an option asking them which of the displayed ads they would like to appear more often. Sponsored Stories ads help Pages, apps, and Places convert user content that mentions them into ads.According to Inside Facebook, Facebook conducted similar tests in Isreal pre launch of the Sponsored stories. By that time, Facebook did not have the option of ‘Neither’

Facebook might be trying to establish patterns with this surbey as to which type of ad attracts the user’s attention most. Is it more of photo ad’s or content driven ad’s. This study might help the marketers then to establish similar patterns and strategize their advertising on similar lines.

As most of the marketers choose the pay per click option with advertising on Facebook, Facebook tries to show the ads to those who are most likely to take some action on it.Hence, this survey in some way helps Facebook as to which specific set of users they will like to target more. So, if i am staying in Mumbai and i like Manchester United(Yes, I am a Fan), They would most likely target an Ad related to Football merchandises based in Mumbai. For me,that would certainly make more sense, than a Football Ad which is based in England which i am highly unlikely to click to.

This works in both the ways if it succeeds, More clicks for the advertisers resulting in more revenue for Facebook