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The Dark Knight v/s The Avengers

Images like these are going viral all around Facebook. So it is the battle of the Superheroes (Not really, but that’s the hype). Which side are you? Marvel or DC, Iron Man or Batman?

Well, i am simply on both the sides. I love Superheroes and this season is nothing short of them. There came Avengers, and will be closely followed by ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘The Amazing Spiderman’. Comic lovers got a mouth watering season ahead.

The Avengers came and conquered. Even though it was not as great as i had expected it to be, but it was good overall. On the other hand, we have the biggest blockbuster this year will ever see.(The Dark Knight Rises)

The Build Up:

Where Dark Knight series scores is the build up for it. Batman Fans (More or less, Nolan’s Batman fans) have been waiting for the 3rd chapter for ages. After the success of Batman begins and the super-duper awesome success of The Dark Knight, they ought to be.

The build up to this movie is due to the efforts taken way back in to The Dark Knight days with all the hoopla surrounding ‘Why So Serious‘ tags. And what made it more viral unfortunately was the death of The Joker (the one and only Joker) Heath Ledger. And then for those who weren’t even interested in Batman stood up and took notice.

Below is the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises which is nothing short of spectacular, It maintains the dark and secretive flavor we all know is so synonymous with the Batman

And  that The Bat has got one hell of a nemesis in Bane which adds to the excitement.

Now in contrast, you have The Avengers whose sheer concept of having multiple superheroes form an army stands on it’s toes. They have combined the likes of Iron Man,Thor,Captain America,Hulk,Hawkeye and Nick Fury which seems to be a pretty serious line up.

As history tells, the individual franchises of eachSuperhero barring Iron Man can hardly be called Block Busters. Picture this:

All the individual franchises Box office collections when summed up, come around 2,500 Million dollars. And, in contrast take only The Dark Knight Rises and you have 1 Billion Dollars (The same 1 followed by 9 zeros).Source: IMDB

So, what we conclude in terms of collection and fanbase?

The Dark Knight >  Thor/Iron Man/Hulk/Captain America

The marketing factor of The Avengers is nowhere as compared to Nolan’s Classic.They might bring Spiderman(who knows) in their sequels but that remains to be seen. What i take out of the movie:

Iron Man is showcased more than the rest of them, Thor is hardly visible, Captain America is nothing else but dissapointment.

The only saving grace i (And apparently all others too) found was Hulk. The movie surely added a few more millions to his fan-base and awesomeness. Apparently, the whole movie seems to be surrounding around Iron Man and Hulk. The one thing where Nolan scores above the rest is how differently he potrays his characters. Well if you don’t believe me, you can IMDB him and you won’t find a single movie of him which does not have a rating above 8 (In IMDB, that is worth a lot).

Super Villain Factor:

Do you actually think Loki can beat Bane or Joker for that matter in terms of evil presence?Bane is one mean bad ass Amrish Puri – he’s meaner, smarter and always has a ‘plan’. He is the guy who actually broke the Bat’s back. Joker though not physically competent with Batman fills the void with his craziness. Loki, on the other hand termed as ‘The GOD of Mischief ‘ does not even qualify for that spot. He wasn’t potrayed the same in the movie either. Complete dissapointment

The prologue released  gives us a sneak peek in to Bane’s larger than life avatar. Click here to view the epic Video

So who wins?? The Dark Knight hands down.

What do you think?