I have been listening to the same old playlist for the last couple of months. But some songs just don’t seem to fade away.Some songs have a deep connection with you and why? They somehow seem to resemble the situation you are going through. The lyrics,the music and the vocals. It actually feels the song is actually is written keeping you in mind. Hence, when someone doesn’t give a shit about the world, he seems to be listening to more of Punk music, and when you are in love you seem to be listening to Coldplayisque type music. So can the songs you listen to actually tell what kind of mood you are in? Well i haven’t tested it yet totally, but for me it kind of does. So here is my playlist of the week

1) Metalingus -AlterBridge

I Listen to It: Everyday. This is always my GoTo song

Should my playlist ever be completed without the mention of any Alterbridge Song?


They are one band for whom i can go on and on in terms of soulful music and vocals. Myles Kennedy is the best vocalist you could ask for. Metalingus is the first song which introduced me to AlterBridge- The Band. I heard it as the entrance music for WWE Superstar EDGE which is supposedly good friend’s with the Band’s Guitarist (And the super awesome) Mark Tremonti.

Super pumping Intro with a heart thumping riff and then the drum rolls just take over. Something i listen to when i am short of energy or need motivation. Somewhere down the line, this song is always my energy booster. 2) Fix You – Coldplay I Listen to It: When, i want to close my eyes and dissolve myself to some acoustic. My love for this song began, when apparently i was about to perform this song with my friend Arti. I did not listen to Coldplay that much, but then i just fell head over heels for this. Reason?? I don’t really know!! That’s the beauty of it. Sometimes some chords just ring out your ears and make you pay attention. In this case, i find the Boyce Avenue cover of this song way better than the original.

3) Master’s Apprentice -Opeth

I Listen to It: When i am plain angry on anyone/everyone around

I am not that much in to Death Metal. But with Opeth that stand changes. Well they are not technically “Death Metal” is you call them that. They are symphony/progressive and what not metal. Well who cares. For me they are one of the best creative bands around right up there with Porcupine Tree. This is a brutal track with loads of double rolls and distorted guitar. I listen to it when i don’t give a shit about the world.This song reminds me of two words

Sheer Global Domination!!

Well not exactly two words, but you get the point. Something i am thinking to be the entrance music of my and Gaurav’s brainchild ‘Tritan”. The evil mastermind of the music world. Well more on that later.

Opeth Album Cover

Opeth Album Cover

4) Rolling in the Deep – Adele

I Listen to It: Random emotions

Brilliant Vocalist/Composer. Her whole album 21 is worth listening too. Her operatisque approach to singing is something which i wasn’t much in to at the start, but then when i started listening to her due to recommendation by a friend, well i couldn’t thank him enough. For me she is way way better than the likes of Taylor Swift/Rihanna. I am quite frankly looking out for some new bands/albums to listen to. It’s been quite a while and i am bored of listening to my collection (well over 30GB). Any suggestions?