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LinkedIn acquires Slideshare

I have to admit, i wasn’t pretty much surprised when i heard the news on TheNextWeb

Linked In termed as the Social Network for Business people. Facebook and Twitter rule the rooster when it comes to socializing with friends while Linked In and Slideshare were right up there when it came to building a professional network online. So the acquisition, more or less was a great way ahead for both the Brands.

The Post IPO phase of LinkedIn has seen some serious cash flow in and hence Linked In extending it’s services with Slideshare was more or less on the cards.

  • So how much Linked In had to shell out?

Ans: $119 Million (The same thing, 119 followed by 6 zeros)

Slideshare already had an app on LinkedIn to integrate formal presentations on your account. This acquisition now would further boost of LinkedIn extending the capabilities of it with the content sharing capabilities of SlideShare. Now you can get easy access to your online presentations and if anyone needs to contact you right away, they can do so on your LinkedIn profile page.

It will be interesting to see how LinkedIn will go forward in with it. Will it make Slideshare only a pro-account feature (I highly doubt that though) or they make it an easily extensible feature which will enhance the user experience in terms of seeing your professional content and contacting you at the same place!!

What is in it for Brands?

Well, they can use it for sharing their own company via presentations and can utilize the advertising feature to a whole new level. Presentations can help the brand capture and share their professional identity.And integrate that with your Company Page, can help you attract exciting career prospects coming your way.

Wait and Watch..