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Will MI win this Season?

No, I AM NOT A CSK Fan!!! I am, just like any other Mumbaikar, a hardcore Mumbai Indians Fan. But a Fact is a fact. For me Mumbai Indians is Liverpool of IPL. They have starts but always underachieve. They did win the Champions League last season, But when it comes to IPL it is always a frustrating season for them. And i am afraid this year will also be ‘THE SAME OLD STORY’.

1. Inconsistent Batting Line up Personified:

Mumbai Indians when it comes to Batting on paper, has the strongest batting line up. Put them to Test, and they fall like a stack of cards. No wonder, none of our players are in the Top 10 for the Orange Cap contention. I have no idea why Rohit Sharma throws his wicket everytime when he is ‘just there’. I have heard all of them say when he comes to the crease

‘He is such a talented and gifted batsman’

Yes, he might be one. But Boss!! Unless you perform, You won’t become a Tendulkar overnight. Been given countless chances which i am sure if given to Ashish Nehra, would have transformed him in to Malcolm Marshall (Please treat my last line as a joke even if you are over optimistic). Virat Kohli given the same chances or less ahs already proved his mettle. It’s time you show some Rohit!!

2. Malinga Malinga Malinga, Then What??

We saw what happened when Malinga ain’t there. Utter chaos in bowling. Bhajji bowling more as Amit Mishra than his regular self, Munaf Patel concentrating more on his MC’s and BC’s then bowling line and length. I don’t know where Mitchell Johnson is, and why is he Mr.India(Invisible i mean, not hairy chested) for Mumbai Indians right now. Bottomline is, Without Malinga our bowling attack is as ordinary as any other. We need attacking bowlers or atleast our current one’s clicking.

3.Pollard Power

Kieron Pollard is consistently failing when comes to big matches. He plays an innings or two and then is quiet for the next 10 games. That’s not what we expect from him. Time to atleast promote him to one down where he can get max balls to face and then probably see the difference

4. Captaincy

I admit. We never had a leader, we always had a captain. Even though GOD lead us in the last 4 editions, we have to admit. He is not captaincy material. Someone like a Dhoni or newly rejuvenated Dada

The final v/s CSK two years ago Still hurts.. 😦

Tendlya was never a gutsy captain as we know him for some reason, which he only knows.Now Bhajji, struggling with his own form is finding it hard to translate it to a good captaincy.

5. Team Selection

For some reason, our team selection ain’t clicking right.Franklin, even when in good form was ‘rested’ v/s DD.Opening pair is never consistent. The only one who is having a good run in his position is Rayudu (Fingers Crossed). Wankhede, was never our Fortress for reasons unknown even being our home ground even though our Fans are the most cheerful,enthusiatsic,vocal and abusive (Hell Yeah!!)

Even though Mumbai is doing okay for now, These concerns need to be addressed sooner than later for us to actually dominate the IPL. I am no Saba Karim or Arun Lal for my ‘expert’ opinions. And A team needs  true support of their fans when it’s down. And i am there with them hamesha(Always)

But being a Fan, i have my rights to blow off some steam when the team is not up to the mark. But in Sachin, we Believe :).

Fingers Crossed

P.S: Pardon me, if i was being too negative. That was the ‘Pessimistic Me’