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So you got a Facebook Page and you have more than 1,000 likes. GREAT!!

But, what Next? How do you measure if your page is doing great or not? More so, how do you compare your page’s success with those of others. Thankfully, Facebook provides all the necessary metrics as far as engagement and your post reach is concerned to you.

These insights are all the more necessary if you possess a business oriented page and want to spread out to your customers. Just gathering likes on your page does not guarantee you have a successful Facebook Page.

As a matter of fact most of the fans (almost 70%) are said to be not returning to the page again once they have liked it. So brands have to make sure once they have those fans in their bucket, they do engage with them or else the fan numbers would be nothing other than ego boasting.

Facebook Insights for your page can be accessed from here

So which are the basic metrics which can get you started?

  • Facebook Fans:

Fans are an integral part of knowing how popular your brand or page is. One of the prospects or success metric is the number of Fans you will have. In terms of Brand Pages, Below are the pages i have noticed to have the most number of fans.

  1. Facebook –> 65,782,851 Fans
  2. YouTube –>56,804,678 Fans
  3. Coca Cola –> 41,577,655 Fans
  4. Disney –> 35,201,577  Fans
  5. MTV –> 33,723,182 Fans

These brands seem to be more interactive and share user generated content on a regular basis. Facebook itself has a great fan following and the Coca Cola story is familiar to everyone. The formula is easy,

“More user interactions, More Fan conversions

  • People Talking about this:

In simple terms,This is the number of people that engage with your Page. The engagement can be of the following types:

  1. Users liking your page
  2. Commenting on a post
  3. Sharing your post
  4. Answered a question you have asked on the page
  5. RSVPed an event you have created on your page

This gives you an overview of how many people find your content relevant and are taking those efforts to interact with your page. Combine this metric with your Total Reach and you can get Virality Rate. Virality can be explained as:

Virality =People Talking/ Total Reach

This will decide the post wise break up of the % audience of your fans or even non fans who have engaged with your page

So, suppose you have a million fans and your people talking for this week is 2000 only. That  implies that less than .0001% of your fans are actually bothered to look up to your content and it’s time to make your content more user friendly and interactive.

  • Shares:

Facebook Shares is also an important metric which is often neglected as ‘Just another metric‘ by the page administrators. This can help you gauge the impact and the success of the content posted on your page. For me, it is more powerful than even liking or commenting on a post. Why?

If i like a picture or comment on it, that is just an action i take at that very moment for the great content (Suppose just another Justin Bieber Troll pic). But what if i like it so much that i want this content to be shared among my friends so that they can see it’s awesomeness and have a hearty laugh about it (Yea, i would love to.. :P).

Now the same thing applies for brands as well. If a brand post/offer has a deep impact on me and i would also like my friends to know about it. For the brand it is more of a recommendation to the other consumers which would have a positive impact and help them make future fans. For me, my friend/colleague recommending a brand to me is more meaningful than the brand itself boasting it’s capabilities. That is where ‘Shares’ can help you reach the audience you want and in a more positive way

  • Negative Feedback:

Negative Feedback metrics which have been recently included in the New insights by Facebook can also help if your content is being disliked or felt as ‘spammed’ by users. So what exactly is Negative Feedback?

It tells you the number of users who have hidden your page post or your page or even probably reported your post as Spam. In short, your irritated fan base who either do not want you spamming their wall too much every hour or just do not like the content you are posting. You can get those metrics drilled down post wise which can help you realise over a period of time as to which posts are getting the most negative feedback and why.

You can then take corrective measures to remedy your content and make it more interesting and user friendly. This can also revise your strategy as to when to post and in what intervals so you don’t spam users with too much content to read. Believe me i have been there, Some pages post every hour and after an extent it does get irritating. So be sure you ain’t one of them

Keep it short and keep it interesting!!

These are some of them which i would like to cover in this post. There are plenty more and i would cover them in my later posts.

There are more than 100 metrics Facebook gives you to play with and with so many of them to play with, you might get lost as to which one is the most important for your business to keep an eye upon (You can’t keep an eye on all of them at oncem can you?) So it is always better to come up with 3-4 of your KPI’s which will help you identify your strong/weak points and then build your page on it.