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If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, don’t worry i won’t kill you. You will have probably known what is it till the time you read the end of this post.Pinterest is kind of an amalgamation of Tumblr and Flickr.

“Pictures speak louder than words ”

As they say (Yeah,I Just made that up). Visual content is always more appealing to a flock of people then written text.Take my example, I would rather see a picture of Justin Bieber than listen or read his lyrics. (Kidding!! [Or not])

A Social media site based on Photo sharing mostly.Just like we have Instagram for mobile phones, Pinterest is developing the same fan following of it’s on the world wide web.Whereas in Instagram you generally share photos of your own creativity and most probably of your own camera, Pinterest is more likely a photo sharing site which need not be personal. It is mostly used to share interesting stuff you find on the internet. Stuff which is remotely related to your area of interest, you share it (Or in Pinterest’s lingo ‘Pin It‘)

In simple terms,You like Soccer and assume you like Manchester United (Well, I do like, Sorry!! Love them). So you will create a Theme board for Manchester United and pin (or share) any relevant stuff to the Red Devils on this board. So how is it different from Facebook? you would ask?

Facebook is a Social Networking site where you can connect with your friends,update status and share your personal stuff. Pinterest on the other hand is a place for like minded people who are not necessarily friends to share relevant stuff to their Pinboards. Pinterest for the same reason is pretty famous for Fashion and Design aspects and hence no wonder that mosty of the users on Pinterest are women. In fact statistics reveal that 65% of the users actively participating on Pinterest are women (Well,Who Cares). That doesn’t mean Pinterest is a boring place for guys. If it is, You can make it interesting by creating the boards of your own types. Be it Sports/Fashion/Music/Movie Actors or even Justin Bieber for Christ’s sake. It is your choice.

So i will lay down some facts about Pinterest which will kind of straighten things out for you as to where Pinterest stands in terms of popularity and why you should give it a try:

  • In the last six months of 2011, Pinterest experienced 800% growth in Traffic (Whoaaa..That is huge)
  • It was only the third ranked behind Twitter and Facebook to bring the most referral traffic to websites leaving behind the likes of Google Plus and Linked In
  • Pinterest has recently crossed more than 10 million active members in their site which is a great stat for a site which was launched just a year ago. Even Facebook could not achieve this feat so quickly.
  • Brands realizing the power of it on an earlier stage have already started adopting Pinterest and started pinning consumer related content which appeals visually more to their fan base.
Now that you have a hang of it. Here are some glossary regarding the usage of Pinterest and how it works
Repins: Works like ‘Share‘ on Facebook. If you view a pin from the ones you are following and you want to share it to your followers, you can Re-pin the photo/video on your Board and your followers can now view it
Likes & Comments: No need to explain this if you use Facebook. Works the same way and no rocket science in that
Pinterest for now is on an ‘Invite Only’ basis.New users must receive an invitation from a friend already registered on Pinterest or request an invitation directly from the Pinterest website. The registration process currently requires users to link their Pinterest account to their Facebook or Twitter account. Users choosing to log in via Facebook must be using (or opt in to) Facebook’s “Timeline” format.
So if you already on Pinterest, You can follow me here. Start Pinning!!!