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Google is at it yet again. Something new, Something Fresh Everytime (Yeah, M a big fan of Google :))

Google has launched its latest suite for Marketers which will add more value than just the normal CTR measurements and impressions on which they would have to depend upon.

The new metrics to be introduced are:

  • Active View:

This will help calculate a Viewed impression which according to standard definition is a content which is at least 50% view-able on the Screen for one second

  • GRP:
GRP or Gross Rating Point is more familiarized with TV Campaigns but Google will try to offshore it to a web based platform from Offline Media. This will help them measure real time viewed impressions.
According to Google, Active GRP will enable real-time decision making.Advertisiers will be able to make adjustment and corrections to their campaigns and that too at a much faster rate.
Google says, “We’ve kicked off a pilot program for DoubleClick for Advertisers clients as a first step, and will roll it out to other products, with brands able to specify a range of audience GRP segments.”
With this probably Google will be able to help marketers to understand where their money is flowing and reap more benefits by making accurate decisions based on statistical models. And Brands across the world would be waiting to lay hands on this Google baby.