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Batman with his nemesis a.k.a Joker

People talk about Superheroes. How the world would be if they did exist and how they would want to be one.Be it Flying in the sky like Superman, Crawling on the buildings like SpiderMan, Running in a jiffy like Flash or with ample power and great anger like Hulk, Everyone wants to be a someone.

But then there lies the secret:

With Great Super Heroes, Come cooler Super Villians.

A super hero wouldn’t be the one he is, if there is no evil to challenge him. Imagine a World where a Superhero is catching a common day thief and Killers, restoring the balance of good and evil. But then, where is the thrill, where is the destruction, the mind games. That’s where people like Lex Luthor, Joker, ScareCrow come in.

I am not here to vouch for any of them, nor am i writing this blog coz i want to be a Super Villain. It’s just because i saw the Dark Knight again(Yes, Yet again) for the 100th time today (Yayyyy!!!)

Everyone has their own choice of Superheroes and how they would want to save the world and blah and blah. Well, here is my list of the Greatest super villains i have known or seen:

1) The Joker

No list of Evil would be complete without this guy. A pure genius (read sociopath, depends on you of how you perceive of him). The origins of the Joker are not known much. Tearing the world apart in pure disarray is his way of humor and he never fails at entertaining himself.Notably is made legendary, thanks to Heath Ledger’s mind f**cking blowing potrayal of him in the Dark Knight. Screw Batman (No offense, he is my favorite Superhero too :P), i watch The Dark Knight only to see this guy.

2) Lex Luthor:

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is a Complex Man. He is evil and yet he thinks Abraham Lincoln was a great man.

Been a member of the Injustice League/The Injustice Gang and has created all sorts of troubles for the Man of Steel. He wants to be the Earth’s greatest savior but with a devilish twist.

Ruthless, Efficient and Creative These three qualities pretty much sum him up

3) Darth Vader:

The Godfather of the evil kinds. If you don’t know this guy, well then the Force was never with you.

The cool helmet and a black outfit with a red bizzling Light Sabre. Looked more like a comic character to me at first but then i was all drawn to his prophecy. Star Wars wouldn’t be Star Wars if not for Darth Vader(Just quoting the obvious!!). A master of the Force with more skills than Obi Wan could ever dream of and a touch of arrogance. My Evil Meter for him rings a complete 10.

4) Magneto:


I was so influenced by him that i actually had my email id’s named after him (Cliche, but true!!). Eric Lensherr or Magneto is a self styled Master of magnetism who believes Mutants are the successor to Humans and in many ways Superior. He fights for the Mutant’s cause bu this ways are not ‘ideal’ as defined by humans. His friendship with Charles Xavier ranges from when they were best of friends and were fighting together for Mutants and their protection. But Magneto as he was then renamed thought Charles (or Proffesor X) was walking down a different path which he didn’t want to be a part of. He though of humans as poor little helpless creatures who should be ruled over by a superior species such as themselves. As the name suggests, he could manipulate magnetism and bend his iron in his own ways (Literally!!)

It’s not that i despise Super Heroes. For me Super Villains are that integral part of that setup. Wish i could see all of them team together in a comic series(Not in Real Life, Please)

And if you ask me who is the most evil of them all?

My Pick? Joker