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Here i list some of the best Jquery Navigation Techniques i have come across:

  • Bubble Navigation:

This Navigation provides a great transition effect on a mouse over. Quite Fantastic

Check out the Demo here

  • Background Image Navigation

This plugin provides a sliding effect and changes the background images for each navigation menu to come up with a smooth sliding transition

Check out the Demo here

  • Accordion Pull down Menu

The Accordion Pull down menu is a good way to wrap up long content and can be used either as a Check Box( Can open multiple menu’s) or as a Radio Button (Can only open one at a time). The plugin will work only on Browsers that support CSS3. Check out here if your browser supports CSS3

Check out the Demo here           Download Source

  • Collapsing Site Navigation

If you want a collapsible image navigation horizontally, you mite wanna try this plug-in.Clicking on one of the submenu items will make the whole menu collapse like a card deck and the respective content area will slide out.

Check out the Demo here           Download Source

Mac Style Dock Menu

If you are a Macintosh Junkie, you will love this Menu navigation. It can be customized with two options, Top or Bottom.

Check out the Demo here           Download Source