Human tendency of doing something which is totally new (read ‘Creative’) never dies. Whether he is creative or not is another matter.. And everyone (including me) suffers from that syndrome.. Somebody does it for money, somebody does it for FAME.. And someone (like US) do it just to be apart from the Normal Human Pack. And why do we do it? (or at least try to)..Coz we love to defy what is ahead of us.. Be it engineering or a Job for that matter. Whatever is ahead of us never satisfies our hunger.. I know it takes a whole lot of things to do the actual things, but What the hell.. There is no service tax for dreaming…

And suddenly when everyone is watching ‘The Social Network’, they all are game for one thing, building a website..
Person 1 : Chal Yaar, kuch creative Karte hai…
Person 2 : chup be, tu yeh 100 baar bol chuka hai..
Person 1 : nahi re, ss baar main serious hu… Kuch karte hai yaar..
Person 2 : Kya karna hai tujhe?
Person 1: Creative
Person 2 : Chu**** , matlab kya?
Person 1 : woh Pata nahi..
Then enters Person 3,
Person 3 : Kuch aisa karte hai jisse paise aaye bahut saare..
Person 4 : Website kholte hai ( He just watched ‘the social network’ maybe)
Person 1 : (Doesn’t know a shit about what the website will contain but still nods in agreement)..Haa..bas abhi website kholte hai..
person 4 : (Money Money Money)…haaa yeaar, ek baar site ko clicks milne laga toh advt bhi aane lagenge, paise bhi faadu milenge..
Person 2 : Haa woh website famous bhi ho gaya, toh apun bhi Mark Zuckenberg ban jayenge…
Person 3 : Haa yaar, abhi fix ek website kholte hai bas.. next week milke sab detail main decide karenge…
person 1 : Kuch Creative Karte hai Yaar!!!
And the story Continues……………………………….
Everybody has their own reason to be a different Someone..
Be it FAME,
Just for the Heck of it…
What is your reason???