Yes, I am Back (As if anybody cares)…Life is busy,kinda repetitive but worth it.. Watching Man Utd V/s Stoke and Man Utd is ahead at half time (And i will kill Ferguson if they blow this one too)..Anyways, where does Time Travel come in to this?

Answer : No where, i just started coz i had nothing to speak about.
Anyways, Time Travel is a topic which could send me talking with all kinds of Theories that probably even Einstein couldn’t understand. As a Boy, i always dreamt (and still do) of being a time traveller. So, Let us assume that somewhere in the Future, I Build (Read “I”) a Time Machine.. What all things i will do?
1) Kill Justin Bieber before he records his first song for World Peace.
2)Kidnap Mark Tremonti so that he won’t play guitar anymore, so i won’t have the feeling of killing myself after seeing him play.
3) Go to the 1970’s. Convince Jimmy Page that he sucks at Guitars. Then use the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ solo in my own OC. (PS: I wont kill him)
4) Go the Ramayana Era and tell Ravaana that he doesn’t need to kidnap Sita. So Ram won’t attack Lanka and then there would be no demolition of Babri Masjid. Hence Peace Prevails. He can find better babes in Bandra to kindap.
5) Stop DimeBag from getting Killed and get his guitar as a reward instead ( If he doesn’t give it, i intend to snatch it and run in to the future)
6) Ofcourse will top in every engineering exam there was by rattofying the paper and scoring 95% (100% seems too much).
7) Will ask Dhritirashtra of the Mahabharata era for tips and how did he manage to produce 100 kids. Secrets of his Stamina.
8) Audition for Sholay and star in it as Jai ( Or Veeru or even Gabbar)
9) Go to any Rock am ring Concert..FrEE FREE FREE…