A certain somewhere in Mumbai,It is raining.The streets are crowded with people,not coz there is no space to walk.But our Beloved hawkers have zabardastily (forcefully) occupied them..And they put whatever waste they have generated to the already filthy,sucking to the core road which is full of Potholes.There are no potholes on the road but it’s the other way round here.And yet our Beloved BMC sees only 347 potholes in the City.So either their city boundaries are from Lower Parel Station to Phoenix Towers or they don’t know the definition of a Pot Hole.

A Pot Hole according to the Online dictionary is a hole or pit (A humongous one in the case of Mumbai) on a road surface..So,i am walking in this shit searching for a certain company which is in a kona-khopcha of Dadar.i kept walking for 15 minutes to find that im walking in the wrong direction.(Grrrrrr..Damn the Dadar people)..I was already pissed off.via A Family who has only one mission in their life right now,that i should get a Job..As if i owe someone Crore rupees..
Even staying at home is a curse once you have passed out and expected to be working in an office (Read sitting in front of a PC and staring at it for 8 hours)..
Scenario 1 : Mom will remind you that ‘Tera final exam ho gaya naa??’
Inner meaning : ‘Beta,Job pe kab lagega?’
Scenario 2 : ‘XYZ Aunty ka beta Infosys mein kaam karta hai..woh bol raha tha blah blah’
Inner meaning : ‘Tu ghar pe baithke kya ukhaad raha hai?’
Scenario 3 : ‘Aaj kal ke youngsters ko paise ki koi Value nahi hai.bas udaana aata hai,kaamayenge tab samjhega’
Inner meaning : ‘Tunn Tunna bajaana bandh kar and koi job dhund’.
The Human race is so pre-occupied with the same Lifestyle,that they have forgotten their primary objective of ‘Living’..Get up at 7-7:30,Dress formals,make sure you are not lagging in Office work.Think about ways to impress your Boss,and if he is pissed off how to overcome it.
Board the same 9:15 train,with a Train carrying 5 times it’s permissible limit.Enter the Office like a tamed fox,about to enter the Boss’s cabin.Sit in front of the Desktop and stare at it,Do some dumb data entry.Look here and there,Check out the Hot Chick seated besides you.But then think about your cowardice of not approaching her.Get more Frustrated.Get back to your Beloved Desktop and then an executive passes by your Desk (Who was once your buddy) but now is promoted.In short,as he is promoted to a higher position than you,You envy him and not befriend him anymore.More frustration!!!
The Office hours get over,and you prepare for another Battle.To get a place to stand in the Local train,let alone get a seat..Stand as close to the Window seat as possible,in order to snatch the seat whenever your rival gives a hint of standing up when a station arrives.
Then the one hour Journey begins in the Train.And the same old phase of Self Realization begins.
Phase 1:
Look at the fellow passengers,and think whether their life is as miserable as yours.How are they managing to smile in such a pathetic travelling condition,Their Boss’s dictatorship,Ever Increasing workload.(A female Boss adds ten times to the circumstances,Male Ego is Male Ego.You can’t hide it for long).
Phase 2:
Achanaak you think,how shit your Life is.Questions arise suddenly in your mind
What am i doing?
Why am i doing this?
If i leave this Routine,what Life will i have left of?
What will People think if i do something different and i don;t succeed.?
Phase 3:
He gives in to his ‘Society’ needs.And too afraid to follow his Dream,he dismisses of all the thoughts of running away from his Pathetic Routine.His anger within starts growing more.Not because of the Life he is living,but because he can’t do anything about it.
Phase 4:
There starts a Phase of ‘Frustration outflow’..The more you get de motivated,the more your frustration increases..When you reach what i call the ‘Frustro-motive’ curve,You tend to spit out your frustration on other issues..And then starts an unending cycle of Complaints!!
Ex: Kitna Corruption hai india main?yeh ******* Politicians sirf paise khaate hai?
Yeh roads kitne kharaab hai?BMC kya sirf hilaate baithhti hai?
Indian Cricket team wapas Match haar gayi…Sabko Team se nikaal dena chaiye.
There starts a process of completion of what we commonly know as ‘The INDIAN COMMON MAN’.
Although it takes some courage to live your life,detesting yourself,detesting every bit of organisation you can lay your hands on.Leaving your dreams behind,and never look behind.Where your Only aim is to get up early the next morning so that you won’t be late for office.Where you can just stare at your colleague,but won’t have the Guts to tell her that you like her.And then fantasise about her (Read Porn).Come back Home and pretend that Life is better than ever.
I somehow don’t see myself fitting in this Working class Hero!!