When People think of Science,two humans are synonymous with it. ALBERT EINSTEIN & ISAAC NEWTON.

Both hardly make any difference to the common people. (In fact most of them hate them for making such weird concepts which they have to shoulder now).
But for Scientists,if ever there was a debate of a Genius it would be a two man race.Not that the intelligence of the other scientists is considered mediocre, But the Creative ingenius of the two leave the others light years behind.
Those who came after Newton called him ‘lucky’..
‘There is only one Universe to discover and he discovered it’..

Newton laid a solid Foundation to Classic Mechanics..Our Car or even a Cycle for that matter owes Big Time to Mr.Newton and his three laws of Motions….His Contribution to Calculus is God-like (For Non-Science Students,Imagine what Sachin is to Cricket and Newton draws the same respect)…Newton at that time had an uncanny ‘KHUJLI’ to ‘haath daalofy’ in every science stream he could think of..He laid his assumptions on Light,In Chemistry,Mechanics,Gravitation,mathematics..EVERY DAMN FIELD!!!
Where his theory of Universe that ‘Space and time is Absolute’ ended, Einstein’s work began..He didn’t discard Newton’s Gravitation theory but used it as a basis for his thesis and proved that ‘Space and Time are Flexible’..Newton was also to be a secret practitioner of Alchemy,but it is still to be confirmed by experts…He always tried to carve out new elements by experimenting mixtures of two or more elements..Carving out Integral Calculus almost Single Handedly,Gravitational findings,his work in optics in the 1600’s isn’t short of a work of a Miracle Man..Working in his room for 15 hours straight and hardly venturing out (Even an IITian can’t do that)..I really don’t wanna be in his place,with all the books surrounding me for 15 straight hours….The apple falling from the tree strengthened his beliefs further about a force binding us all together…
In his Biography it is written ;
‘In the year 1666 he retired again from Cambridge to his mother in Lincolnshire. Whilst he was pensively meandering in a garden it came into his thought that the power of gravity (which brought an apple from a tree to the ground) was not limited to a certain distance from earth, but that this power must extend much further than was usually thought. Why not as high as the Moon said he to himself & if so, that must influence her motion & perhaps retain her in her orbit, whereupon he fell a calculating what would be the effect of that supposition’

The thirst to find the universal binding force also inspired him to look in to a Mathematical formulation which can explain objects even when reduced to infinitesimally small numbers..hence the Integral Calculus was born which would haunt us in the future to the core in the form of ‘d/dx’.
E = mc2

Does this equation ring some bells in your head?? Arguably the most famous equation Science has ever produced..And who is the man behind it? Sir Albert Einstein.
Although it wasn’t his greatest work but yet his most famous. It Just states that the energy of a body equals it’s mass multiplied by speed of light squared.If the body is in motion,the relative mass is converted in to relative energy..Don’t wanna get in to too much details..It would be a headache for you..But it just laid the foundation for his ‘Annus Mirabilis’ (Or the Miracle year)..
His works on General relativity and Special Theory of relativity are nothing short of a revolution..Then followed a fantasizing concept of Time Travel.
While working on Special Theory of Relativity he said :

When the Special Theory of Relativity began to germinate in me, I was visited by all sorts of nervous conflicts… I used to go away for weeks in a state of confusion.”

Add to this his A research on Quantum Physics and it completes what the scientists call a ‘GoldenYear’ in the Modern Era..
It is like a Draw-Draw Situation in comparing these two physicists..When one hits a Six,the other hits a Six which covers more distance then the previous one..But in the End both are Sixers!!!

Newton had his share of Controversies too..The rivalry between him and Leibinitz over the Calculus was carried on for decades..Leibinitz was the first to publish his work on Calculus, and Newton waited to show his findings till 1687..Hence Leibinitz was given the total credit for Calculus for the years to come…This later led to accusations of Plagiarism being hurled relentlessly in the direction of Leibinitz..

Newton was said to be an Arrogant and an introvert person as opposed to Einstein who always used to be a Centre of Attraction of the people..Opposite in Personalities,but nothing short of Creative Geniuses..Although Einstein said ‘Sorry Newton’ in his letter for discarding his Gravitational theory about space.But that doesn’t make Newton’s contribution any lesser..The Debate still continues about who is Greater..It is like deciding whether the Glass is half empty or Half Full..It’s totally your Point of view.