There are two types of people in this world

1. Those who have seen ‘Gunda’
2. Those who are dying to see ‘Gunda’ 😛
Gunda is arguably the most pathetic yet Interesting movie i have ever seen.. If ever there was an award for the most worthless acting ever and most idiotic dialogues ever..’Gunda’ would win hands down…So yesterday i was blessed to witness this epic movie with Legen….Keep waiting for it…
There is Bulla, who is more interested in repeating just one dialogue than doing anything else in the Film..’Mera naam hai Bulla,rakhta hu main Khulla‘ (‘My name is Bulla, and i keep open’..Doesn’t make ne sense in English..:P )..Maybe it implies that he doesn’t wear underwear and likes to run naked..Or maybe he keeps his door open always..Will have to ask the Director about the mystery (Kanti Shah ki Jai )…
I always thought Mithun has the ever improving quality to deliver his worst performance constantly,But this movie is the Pinnacle of his Great (Read Horrendous) Acting..Nothing can get better than this..
Take this : ‘Main hu Jurm se nafrat karne waala, Shareefon k liye Jyoti, Gundo k liye jwaala

He is a a Coolie managing his work along with an extra large Boob size Girl friend, (I am starting to like Mamta Kulkarni all of a sudden),an Overacting father, a pet monkey who can beat Karun Chandok at driving..So Shankar rises against the evil system and single handedly throws the ‘Larger than Life’ Villians possessing Dialogues worth a tonne of Gold.
Then there is Lambu Atta,bitter rival of Bulla..A rivalry bigger than Man Utd V Chelsea..Bulla screams in pain when his sister dies ‘Munni,meri behen Munni..Tu marr gayi?? Lambu ne tujhe Lamba kar diya?‘…Wow!!! what emotions!!!So Real..I almost cried in that scene..Also Chutiya (His younger brother) who tries to be a ‘Mard’..The emotional bonding between the two brothers is Gut-Wrenching..(What was Shakti Kapoor thinking??)…A scene where Chutiya dances to the tunes of ‘ haay haay mera bhai Jawaan ho gaya,Tuta hua teer kamaan ho gaya‘ is so leg shaking..[:P]…
And who can forget the speech by lambu Atta when he is surrounded with Bulla’s men..he pleads for mercy seeing the death sentence hanging over..
Bulla. mere ko mat maar. Mere ko aapna bhadwa bana de. Main ladkiyan supply karte rahoonga aur tu maaze lete rahena. Tere ko AIDS se bachane ke liye nirodh ban jayoonga. Towel baanke tere kamad se lapak jayoonga. Mere ko mat maar. Aur agar maarna hi hain to mujhe cheel-chaal ke chakka bana de. Main sari lapet kar tere liye dance karoonga…Gore gore gaal gaal gore gore..’

If you still haven’t got enough of the are some of them for you..

Chutiya (In his Intro) : Mera naam hai chuttiya, acchi acchon ki khadi karti hoon main khatiya. Bulli kahan hai teri ungli, bulla bhai ab hoga hulla gulla. police aur hukumat karegi hai gulla,hai gulla.Sab bolenge hai chttuiya, hai bulla hai chuttiya. Arre dhoondho kahan hai chuttiya,pakdo pakdo kahan hai bulla.

Pote (Another of Bulla’s aid) : Mera naam hai pote, jo apne baap ke bhi nai hote. Jaljala jaag utha hai, ab sabko pata chala ki gang war start hone waala hai. lashein aise tapkeingi jaise nanhe munne ke nunni se peshab tapakta hai. TAP. TAP.

Then there is Hatela : Mera naaam hai Ibu Hatela, maa meri chudail ke beti, baap mera shaitan ka chela, khayega kela?

Such Intriguing characters explain the cult following of such a Classic..This movie had the Guts to be more pathetic than ‘Ramu ki AAG’ and other Mithun classics such as ‘Chandaal’ and ‘Loha’…The trend of mithun da’s sister getting raped continues in this movie too ..So to be Mithun’s sister you have to be raped at least once in your lifetime..
So we reach 3 conclusions:
1. Mithun Da’s sister if exists will get raped no matter what the circumstances.

2. If you are not Mithun da’s sister,you are safe from the bad boys.

3. If you don’t wanna be raped, don’t tie a Rakhi to Mithun Da and stay safe.

This movie also raises a serious question whether rape should be made a Fundamental right of every pervert,coz according to Chutiya ‘Rape karna buri baat nahi hai’..So thoughtful of kanti Shah-the director..
The best scene according to me is the rape scene,where the Hero saves the Girl in the middle of a desert where no roads or even a shop for that matter are to be seen..and then he asks ‘Tum kaha jaa rahi thi?‘..To which she replies ‘Main toh college jaa rahi thi!!”…I still don’t understand whether such a college exists in India.And if it does,i wanna witness it…But the Creative Genius thinks so and questions our Government to open such colleges in the middle of the desert so that each girl can go to such a college….

Ask any IITian about this movie and he can answer each and every question about this movie better than he answers in his technical Viva..There is now an official Gunda quiz for those who think they know the movie in and out…And i suggest for ‘Gunda’ Merchandise to be distributed to the fans too (Somebody suggest it to the producer of the movie 😛 )…Long Live Gunda!!!

There are simply no words for this movie..You gotta see it to believe it!!