Tried Travelling alone to a place?Meeting new people??Striking up conversations with People you don’t give a Fuck about??

Why am I asking You this??
Am I Nuts??
Have i tried this??
Anyways the answer to the last Question is ‘Hell NOOO’…
And the answer to all the previous questions..well you figure it out..
So My mom was going to Nasik and and i decided to accompany her impulsively.The ticket was taken care of..That’s an advantage of having a Relative working in CST Headquarter…No Q for tickets and you get a reservation..The Train was as it’s modest best ’40 minutes’ Late..Great..So i stuffed up Lays and Kurkure and what not (Of course how can i Forget THUMS UP!!)..My Ipod and Victuals posturing on the Window Seat. My mom was tired coming directly from the office,so she went some ZZZZZZZZZZ’s on the seat adjacent to me..So i was left with My Music and Robin Cook’s ‘GodPlayer’…Filming Over the Railway Tracks and Stations pass by..Watching people run backwards..Wondering if this Train would Derail,How can i Survive??If my Mother would have heard this,she would have taunted me till dead..About how this is ‘Apshagun’ and about how i am so ‘Murkha’ thinking about all this..So I Started Counting the Number of Stations between each stop..For Instance,there are 10 stations in between Dadar and Thane (Wow!! waaa–haaa–aaatt A Discovery..I deserve a Nobel prize for Boredom)..
‘Platform Kramank 6 pe aayi hui Blah Blah Blah Blah down Mumbai-Nagpur Sevagram Express hai’…Here comes Thane..My mom ‘Ghode bech k so rahi thi‘ as they call it in Hindi..It means ‘Horses Selling sleeping she was’ word by word..:P..I Know i suck at Translations…
Anyways,so the train halts at Thane Station and then some thing happened..
‘There was just something unreal and eerie about her. Her face, somewhat luminous, had a pale tone to it. The eyes were a piercingly sharp shade of gray. Eyebrows were arched over the curve before dispersing onto the bridge of her danity nose. Plump, the lips had the strangest curl to them. This enchanting face was framed wavy, ebony-colored curls, each falling to her hips. Overall, she was truly an unearthly beauty.’…(Too filmy i Know)

None of the above SHIT…She was a Cute ladki with a dimpled smile and a Yellow Kurti-Black Jeans which according to me suited her perfectly…So my mom was sleeping on her seat,and she gave her that ‘Ohh That’s My seat Look’…I stood to wake her up to which she objected and ordered to let her sleep..Instead of sitting in the seat in front,she sat on my seat instead..

Mind 1: woohhoo…she is cute..Talk to her..
Mind 2 : Shur up..It would seem to desperate..Let some stations pass by..

Diva Junction…Dombivli…..something something..(I really don’t remember what comes after Dombivli)…
So she was reading Sidney Sheldon…Kalyan aa gaya..

Mind 1 : What would Barney do??Have you Met Omi??
Mind 2 : Shut up..This is not a Sitcom,,,She is not my type..
Mind 1 : Hahaha..Loser
Mind 2 : Fuck you..

In the end,i managed to pull out all my guts from the Kona-Khopcha of my body and started a conversation..

Omi : So you read Sidney Sheldon?? (No you dumbass..she is just faking)
The Girl : Yeah..(Smiled)

After 5 minutes…
The Girl : You like sidney sheldon??
Omi : yeah..Read some of his books..You know i always thought of him as a girl due to the name ‘Sidney’
The Girl : (Gives out a Laugh)..
I sometimes don’t understand ladkiyon ka sense of humor..They laugh at the silliest jokes possible..
The Girl : (Looking at my MOTHERJANE T-Shirt)..You love Rock Music?
Omi : yeah..How did you guess?
The Girl : Saw your T Shirt..Saw them live..
Omi : Ohh so you Like Motherjane??( Wow ..we have something in common..I Love you Motherjane)
Girl : Not really..Just went out with my friend..I m not much in to Rock…
Omi : Huddddddddddd..Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (In my mind of course)
And so we hit it off chatting..She had just completed Her TY and blah blah..So we exchanged numbers..And yeah i was totally gonna call her..So Igatpuri Came..
And my mom woke up..AT LAST..And so i was a accha baccha again in front of my mom…Not talking to Stranger..Coz according to my mom,every girl i talk to is my future GF…(Yeah..My Mom is..wait for it…………………………….CRAZY) Barney Style..

And so she was destined for Nagpur,while ‘Majha Nashik aala re’….i winked her good bye..and 2 days after,when i tried to text her…I realised that i have made a “What the fuck in the world was i thinking’ mistake..I took her number allright..What i forgot was a Digit..It was a 9 Digit number..And i had maybe forgotten to type a number..Great..
So now i knew the number wasn’t valid..I knew the probability of finding the right number in the right place could either make me a Bhikari or a Probability Expert…Calling each number for checking,well that had just one answer written all over it..

GHANTA !!!!!!!

Anyways…Maybe it was dumb of me to not crosscheck the number,or it was my stupid phone woth a stupid keypad or d stupid Vodafone network who wasn’t available at that time..A Missed call to each other’s cell would have avoided this..Anyways..If a certain someone is reading this…CALL ME!!!! Hahhahahaha