‘Yeh GUY (COW) hai Alien’ said the Headlines of a News Channel.
‘Aliens aake Guy (Cow) ko utha le jaa rahe hai’
Media is a term to ‘serve or engage the Public’ if you bother to know it’s definition.However it serves the exact opposite of that at present.
For Instance, India V/s pakistan match a few days ago..A certain news channel depicted Dhoni as ‘Ram’ and Shahid Afridi as ‘Ravan’..Another one pulled it up relating it to ‘Mahabharata’ and the Indian Team as ‘Pandavas’…This proves how juvenile the news of today has become. For God’s sake,it is just a Game of cricket and you are terming it to be a Battle of something that doesn’t exist.’Sports is War’ but not literally.
The Indian Media Market is an unregulated television Market which helps them to garner unlimited amount of revenue with a piece of Horse Shit news.But where is the Unbiased watchover news??
Ages ago ,Door Darshan was the only source of news we could get along with AIR. They restricted themselves with in a limited set of Boundaries with only conveying some ‘Serious’ news. The typical Voice of ‘Namaskar,yeh hai Door Darshan ka Prasaran’ still rings a bell in the ears. The focus of our media has suddenly shifted polarities from News to ‘Kalyug ka anth’ (The End of the world) ; ‘Billi ko kaise bachau’ (How do i save the Cat).. And the same thing being on the Television screen and shown 20 times over and over till u scream for a Change..From Door darshan being One Dimensional in their approach, came a Fresh change of News channels like ‘AAJ TAK’ and ‘Star News’ who were a little imaginative in their approach. But then the competition increased around tenfold for the TRP’s and now the news has shifted to a new Low..Recruited with Wannabe Broadcasters,Espionage Agents,Sting Operations to gain Popularity among Masses.
One day The Indian Cricket Team is ‘ Duniya Ki Champion’ and the Next Day they will show it as ‘ Sher hue Dher’..Whatever happened to ‘Meaningful News’..A socialite who lost his Dog,The Cricketer who flirted with a Girl, A baba who is joining Politics, Whose Party was Grandly attended?… Is that we have all come to?..A scam happens,they cover it for 2 days and then its gone.. Vanished..We are too busy covering Celebrity parties and rescuing a Cat than to wake up the Government and let them take a Note of some worthy actions they need to take..Some Rural areas need light while a Politician gets a 24*7 service..Farmers are committing suicide while the ‘Ministers’ are busy playing the Blame Game..
We are to Blame too..We are eating what they are feeding us..All we do is laugh about the quality of news,We wanna know what Dhoni wears,We wanna know whom Sushmita is dating,We wanna know who dumped whom..But who wants to know Government Policies,Who wants to know what actual work Social Activists are doing?Who wants to be a Part of it?..It isn’t about Gaining knowledge anymore..Its about Sensationalism..We blame Cricket gets all the Limelight,why doesn’t media contribute highlighting a bit about other Games..Football isn’t just about World Cups..And tennis certainly isn’t about what Sania Mirza wears..If Dhoni sneezes the World knows..If P.T. Usha is collecting money for the needy to open a Sports Academy..Who Cares??..Maybe it will come alongside a box in the corner where no body will bother to read it.
Media has the power to Create a personality out of you and The same media has the power to make a mockery out of it..Just the Truth is,They are using it the Wrong way.