About to be a ‘Bachelor of Engg’…The panic is now starting to cave in..

Mom : ‘ Kya socha BE k baad?’
Dad : ‘Kuch socha Future k baare main’
Sis : ‘Tunn Tuna bajaana bandh kar aur seriously kuch soch aage k baare main ‘
These are the dose of medicines i get everyday,infinite number of times to remind me that in the end it all comes down to how successful you are in the end and how much money you generate to keep your ‘Status’ in the Society..
The World has evolved in to a Gen-x ,The fees has increased for the same course over the years..But one thing that hasn’t changed is the ‘Education System’..We may owe it to 3 reasons.
1. Over Population of students which results the Government to open colleges just to accomodate the students without bothering to provide Quality Education.
2. Lack of Quality Professors.
3. Same old ‘ratta maaro pass ho jaao’..No room for innovation or practicality.
After Independence,Higher Education in india has followed a pattern of ‘massification’..The Government has tried to widen its reach to the masses by providing the courses at lower cost compared to the ‘America’s and United Kingdom’s. But that has led to some poor education quality too,with a few good professors and lakhs of students to teach. The Education suffers in the end.Barring the IIT’s ,the other ‘Engineering’ colleges rarely show any signs of Quality Education. Ignorance by Students with the ‘chalta hai’ attitude leads to the same pattern being repeated to another bunch of ‘Graduates’..
The employability quotient of the Graduates need to be addressed too.They graduate from the Universities with virtually no knowledge of what is happening around the Industrial Sector.It is high time the education should be reformed according to the needs of the Industry and current times.Not the same old ’20 saal puraana’ portion..I remember when we went to an industrial Visit in a Ship manufacturing Industry,and the Chief Engg there asked me ‘What they teach you now a days?’..And he was shocked to notice that the same old ‘ghisa pita’ syllabus is still being circulated around again which is not being even used now a days..
To tackle such difficulties,some semi professional courses like BMM, Bsc IT were introduced undergoing a metamorphosis…These courses are becoming more popular among students as they are considered more market ready.There has also been a down slide in the pure streams o Science,Arts,Commerce..Once considered as The Thriving Courses are now the courses for ‘No Takers’..The Education System has indeed come a long way from being a privilege for a few to being for everyone.But it needs to make itself more hard headed and less theoretical where ever possible to make it more realistic.