Kya aap depressed hai??

Kya aapka Beta aapki nai sunta??
Kya aapka Beta Tunn Tuna bajate baithta hai?? 😛
Kya aapka Boss aapko promotion nahi deta??
Dariye mat..ab aa gaya hai Marine Drive..
Tang Tadaaaaaaaanngg..New and improved version.:P
Anyway,A place just for about everyone…This is the best place for me in the whole Mumbai..I can go here at any part of the day,anytime..And now being the Rainy season,is the perfect scenario…A Place for just about everyone. An Employee who is dismissed by his Boss; A Boy who is Devdas over his ‘never was’ Girlfriend…’Mavalis’ who bird watch girls as if they can see right through them;A College Group having a walk,which always reminds me of Wilson Days..And that was the time i really got addicted with Marine drive.I don’t go there only when i am depressed,Its just a nice relaxing place.Although bit overcrowded on Holidays..Koi India K Population ka kuch karo Yaar..A Walk in the rains with my mp3 on,walking down the promenade watching the endless sea unfold..Watching people,Thinking what they are thinking,Its fun to guess what’s going on in others minds.Depending on their expressions,i try to decipher them.
For example :
A Girl staring in to the sea with a blank expression,is thinking deeply how fucked up her life is..Maybe coz of her boyfriend..Maybe coz she has no boyfriend..Maybe she is a Lesbian..:P
And then maybe coz she is just not thinking anything and counting the number of tripods in front of her..
Listening to my favourite bands,Relating the current song on the loop with the people around walking..Imagining what their life is like,and what if i was in their shoes..Thinking the most stupidiest yet fun things to think of..Reliving the old memories. I do all of that..And the 5 km stretch gets over in no time.. Sometimes i do it with my friends,sometimes alone..
It feels happy to smile to a stranger passing by,for no reason but just coz he/she looked at me in a courteous way.And if she is a babe,my smile is a bit wider..:P
I had met this Australian couple once,i was just sitting on the promenade looking at the Hilton thinking if i could get in here with just 100 rs in my pocket..’Kya milega yaha 100 rs main??’
And there was an Australian Couple next to me..They didn’t know me obviously,but still they started convo..Their accent was like my first Mechanics Lecture..Total Bouncer..Kuch samajh main nai aa raha tha..English aise boli jaati hai???
All i could hear in their first sentence are ‘waiting’…So i guessed maybe they might be asking if i was waiting for someone..So i said ‘No,i come here for timepass’..i was in no mood for a conversation neways..That too with Australians MATE!!!Anyways ,they were kinda Jolly and talkative and continued chatting..and i tried to decipher their not so understandable english with the few words i caught hold of..Asked me about the places to visit,and the girl asked me about my girlfriend (That was getting personal).I said no..(Wanted to ask her if she was interested,but her BF seemed too strong for me..)They wanted to see the Taj Mahal (Love symbol)..I wonder if People think Taj Mahal is the only place worth visting in India..
Today i went and it was raining so heavily,guess it was high tide with the waves splashing all over and throwing back what Mumbai has given them..’Kachra’
Motherjane,Zero,OLP,Switchfoot with Marine Drive and a lil bit of rain makes my Day..:)