I ‘d rather be hated for who i am,than loved for who i am not -Kurt Cobain

Kurt ‘Freak’ Cobain, if you have a remotest connection to Rock Music, you know what am i talking about. So he formed Nirvaana, Nirvaana went ‘BIG’.. The era of Grunge came..Blah blah.. Everybody knows that.But the mystery still remains for many, for did he commit suicide or was he killed?
ACP Pradyuman : ‘Kuch toh Gadbad hai Daya’
Maybe apna C.I.D will help find the truth behind his death.
ACP : Abhijeet,mujhe lagta hai, Kurt ka khoon hua hai..woh letter uski handwriting main nai hai.
Abhijeet ( with his Dumb Expressions ) : Kyu sir?
ACP ( Pointing fingers for no reason ) : Kuch toh Gadbad hai abhijeet.Daya pata lagao Yeh Courtney ( Kurt’s wife) karti kya hai?
Daya : Sir main darwaaza todu? Bahut din hue darwaaza nai toda kisika.
ACP: Agar darwaaza khula hoga toh ?
Daya : Sir,main darwaaza bandh karke fir usse wapas tod dunga..:P
Dr.Salunkhe (with his weird colour blowing equipments, i wonder if that is how a Real laboratory looks) : Boss, Kurt ke pet main ek stick ka tukda mila hai.
ACP : Yeh kaise hua?Yeh stick ka tukda aaya toh aaya kahase?..Abhijeet saare stick k stores search maaro..pata lagao yeh kaunsa stick hai aur kya Kurt stick khaata tha?
Abhijeet: Sir,yeh drum sticks bhi ho sakti hai…lekin courtney toh drums bajaati nai thi.
ACP : Haa abhijeet,Kuch toh gadbad hai.( still pointing his god damn fingers)
After going to Musician Mall’s and Furtado’s…
Abhijeet : Sir,pata chal gaya..Woh Drum stick hai sir..Aur wohi brand hai jiska Dave Grohl ( Foo Fighters) brand ambassador tha..Tama.
ACP : Ohhh..Toh khooni ek drummer hai jo Tama ka drums bajaata hai (WOW..what a Conclusion).
Abhijeet,har ek Tama ke ambassadors ko CID bureau bulao..sabko Daya se Thappad agvaate hai..Koi naa koi toh ro padega..
Daya : Thaddddddddddd ( Slaps)
Chris Adler : Dude,i came here to play with Lamb of God..and u welcome me with this?
Daya : Thaddddddd..
Chris Adler : No i didn’t kill Kurt,though i killed Jimi Hendrix.would u charge me for that?
Daya : thadddddddddddddddd
Chris Adler :Fuck You.
Daya : Thaddd
Mike Portnoy: Dude,your slap is off timing, how do you do that?? Slap me again..
Daya : Thadddddddddddddd
Mike Portnoy : Wow..that’s 41 /16 time interval..You got talent.I will ask Petrucci to add you on percussion..You can give background slaps while he solos.
Daya : thadddddddddd
Mike (Still talking in metronome) : No i didnt kill Kurt, Though i tried To kill John petrucci for his 10 minute solos,he doesnt let me show off you know..He steals all off my thunder on stage..But i wont let that Son of a Gun steal the show..i dont care about Myung though..He can kill himself.
ACP ( To Dave Grohl ) : Tumne Kurt ko maara?
Dave Grohl : i dont understand hindi,can you speak English?
Daya : Thaddddddddddddddd
Dave Grohl :(Starts Crying)..yes i killed Kurt Cobain ( he understood Daya’s language)..I was bored of drumming,so i thought of starting a new band where i could play the Guitar and be as ‘kool’ as Kurt. So i took the shot gun and shot him and wrote him a suicide note.And then formed Foo Fighters.
ACP : Tumhe toh faasi hogi faasi..
Yet Again CID comes to the rescue and solves an Impossible and imaginary case..
Would like to end it Kurt’s way
‘It’s better to Burn Out than Fade away’
Rock in peace.