Allright this is my own point of view..This might contain one of your favourite bands too..Frankly I DON’T CARE…Abuses are welcome..I ll just delete them..:P

Anyways it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to play music or anything..Just that i think they suck..:P
1. JOnas Brothers:
OHHHH MY GODDDD!!!! Nick Jonas..OHHH MY GODDD!!!!…So The Band is more popular for it’s Gayishness then anything else….Chubby Chubby Videos,ChutiyaGiri songs…They seem to play for getting girls attention rather than anything else…Dude, please get over The Break up and I Love you mode…For me Our Local Bakwaas band Frozen Chimes is better than them..
2. Children of Bodom
Allright..Alex Laiho is a Great Guitar Player..Blah Blah.. I Know that..i Like COB’s 2-3 songs too..But after a limit they just seem ‘Bhowwww Bhowwww Bhowww Bhowwwwwwwww’ to me…Several Dogs let loose barking and i cant bear them..Same with Cannibal Corpse..
3. Dfolters/Frozen Chimes:
If you are alive in the underground circuit you might have heard about them and if you are fortunate enough you even must have seen them live..Its not they play bad Music, Just that they are too head over heels about their band.Listen to some of their oc’s and you will get an idea.The Bassist thinks he is a John Myung ka avtaar. while the guitarist plays scale solos which seem childish up to a point. The Vocalist,well Himesh is better than him.
And what to say about Dfolters, the band wanted to cover Slayer..’Abee chutiye logo,Aukaat hai kya tumhaara Slayer bajaane kaa?? Pehle 4/4 bajao theek se’.
4. Angels and Airwaves
Vishu’s best band is my worst band..He will tell me a 1000 reasons why he likes AVA and i ll counter him with my 1000 reasons why the band is fuckall..Well Only one reason..I just dont like their style..I don’t know whats wrong with Tom Delonge all of a sudden..Blink 182 k baad shayad woh sathiya gaya hai..
5. U2
You will find this band crawling in the pages of Rolling Stones every time.Maybe they think they are supercool or maybe Bono owns Rolling Stone Magazine.The ‘Rockstars’ of the century don’t seem worth listening to for me.They maybe the favorites of many,but for me they are totally over rated musicians past their prime.
Honourable Mention : Chronic Phobia
This ‘OOHH!!So Brutal’ band from Mumbai having 2 guitarists who play d same shit and a girl bassist who plays the same shit again. No Problem with that,The problem starts when you hear a Chris Barnes wanna be getting it horribly wrong.Guys,Please spare us the Torture…
Anyways,Music is one’s own perspective. It doesn’t make you a Music maestro if you think you have heard it all,What matters is what connects you with.. If i don’t listen to Death Metal or Wastelife (Sorry WestLife 😛 )..That doesn’t mean the music is SHIT!!..Just means that i don’t wanna listen to that kind…So Listening to Rock/Metal doesn’t make you any cooler or superior to others (This is for some of wannabe’s i have seen)..These are the bands i don’t like at the moment. Doesn’t mean i won’t like them in the Future.Its all about a Point of View.Share your worst bands too,if you like.
Peace \m/.