So myVivas and submissions are over…So the Study Leave started.Get up at 10,Ok i will study at 12..ahmmm…1…2….3 P.M…ok..Lets have some Tea and i will sit for study..Plays Music and watches FRIENDS..6 P.M.Ohh Shit!!!It’s evening already..Sits for studying..Studies 2 pages…Woffff..So Tired..Lets take a Break…Never touches the book again for the day..And now writing a Blog..:P

1. Arriving Somewhere But Not here- Porcupine Tree

A Marathon song. you might get bored at first maybe if you don’t like long tunes. But every second of this song is worth it. A true Progressive track.Twists and turns with every minute. Starts with ambient tune which continues for 2 minutes. Then Steven Wilson starts off with his ear soothing vocals.Effortless Vocals.The Song suddenly goes in to a Heavy Metal Mode,then suddenly in a bluesy mode and then back to groovy verse.A perfect Album by a perfect Band.:)
2. Christmas in July- Zero
A Band named Zero with a Guy named Warren Mendosa make me a human named Omi..( I don’t know if that made sense..Neways :P)…Heard the song long ago…Achanak started listening to it a lot lately. hence Covered it.almost over. Warren Rocks..Zero plzzzzz come back again..End of the Story..:P
3. The Prophet- Digital Suicide
Mizoram based Kick ass 3 piece band.Reminds me of Muse….Faadu Tight.. Baap Bassist..Raapchandoos Drummer.. You can’t ask for more…
4. Unintended- MUSE
‘Muse blows up my Fuse’ ( Bad one i know :P)…A slow track composed beautifully by Matthew Bellamy.I Listen to it and it reminds me of a Special someone..Ahem Ahem…The Tightest 3 piece band i have ever seen.
5. Wavin Flag – K’naan

‘When i Get Older i ll be Stronger,
They will call me freedom,Just Like a Waving Flag’

Football fever is on..and this song is surely catching up on it..Catchy tune.Sticks on your tongue the moment you hear it….Pura Time pass song hai..:)
And May Spain Win !!!!