So where was I??

aahh..I sign my attendance for the orals which according to our Great Prof. Kharade is the most important thing in the Life of an Engg.” Sign Kara Pahile, Viva tar kaay hotach rahtat “.
He asks the X besides me in Marathi ,as he reads his name ( Something .Shetke )
External : ‘ Saang chal , Gear Pump madhye Impeller use hota kaa? ‘
X. Shetke : aaahhhh…aaahhh,,,,nahi sir
External : (After reading my name i.e. Omkar Mishra). Aap bataiye..Kya yeh correct bol raha hai?
Me: Hoo sir..Impeller Centrifugal Pump madhye use hota.
External ( Surprised after knowing i can speak Marathi so fluently, starts is english). What is a Shackle Plate??
Me: aahhhmmm…Sir , A shackle Plate is used to support the weight of the shackle.aahhh..It is used in EOT Crane so that it can transmit
External : ( Interrupts in between ) Kaay re gadhva, kahi thaapa maarto ka??nahi yet tar bol nahi yet.( Asks the Y Student)..
Meanwhile i pretend to look a idiot by looking down. The best way to tackle the questions is never to look in the eyes of the External,coz when he catches you staring he will leave the other student and catch you offguard with the same question.
External :Why do you provide covering on the Nut?
Me : (To protect it from that would be a but obvious answer and he would again blast my ass off on this..Better i don’t answer)..Looking down
External :Kevde Murkha engineers aahat re tumhi,evda mahit nahi ki Covering kashala detat kuthlya hi material laa??(You are such dumbass engg’s.You don’t know why we provide coverings to a Material??) To protect it from external fyactors (he means Factors :P).
Me : (Main kitna bada Chutiya hu).
External: Draw the Cross section of Rope.
Me : (After Drawing the Cross section i show it to him ). Sir!!
External : hey kaay banavla aahes?? Haa cross section aahe ka Rope cha??Football vatato ki ithun.Naming nai kahi nahi. Machine Drawing shikla aahes naa? Ki direct BE madhye aalas?[What is this? Is this the C/S of Rope?It looks more of like a Football to me.You have studied MD haven’t you? Or i Guess you directly got admission in to BE ] (throws the paper right back to me).
Meanwhile,Internal is on the Phone ordering a Dosa for the External.He doesn’t even bother asking a question or atleast saving our asses. All he says when we don’t know the answer is ” hey tar mee shikavla hota..Kaa yet nai Tumhaala?Lecture nahi basnaar tar asach honaar naa “. {I taught you whatever he is asking. Why you can’t answer them? That’s what happens when you don’t sit for lectures ]…Yeah Right!!
After 30 mins of G***nd maarna, maybe the external got tired. as i hadn’t answered his one question correctly.
External : ‘Evde simple questions che answer yet nai tula. Kasla Mech Engg re tu?? Tula Building banvaayla dili tar kashi banavshil? ( Why would a Mech Engg construct a building? Isn’t that the Work of an Architect or Civil Engg?? Ok.. Whatever )
External :’ Last Question Vicharto, tee nahi aala tar tula Fail karin’ (This is the Last Question i will ask. If you won’t answer this i will surely Fail you )
I was so damn nervous that very moment. I surely thought i was doomed. He is gonna ask something on EOT Crane again. And i don’t know a Shit about it.So again a KT in Viva ( I already had one in DME-1 ).. so maybe i was the First engg ever to Get KT in Vivas twice.WOW!!
External: Who was the Man of the Match in yesterday’s game of India v/s South Africa?
Me : ( Huh!!! What the Fuck..Shit Shit who was it? Giggs? No he is talking about India V/s South Africa..yess yess RAINA!!!! )… Sir Suresh Raina .He scored 101 in 69 balls.
External : ‘Ok you can go.’
wohoooo!!! i still couldn’t believe what he just asked. But who cares. Im not failing.Wohhooo!.
Meanwhile External continues to leacture the other X and Y.
External : ‘Usne atleast Match dekha, Tum Logo ne kya kiya?’
That wa sall i heard before i came out of the room. and i was giggling,nervous,excited all at the same time. G**nd lagte lagte bacha tha.That is quite an achievement!!. X and Y were in the room for 15 more minutes, They were lectured al over again.And they begged for not failing them. In the End the External let them Go. So Not a Bad External after all. And not such a Bad Day after all. 🙂