So the Viva season is over.A Festival for professors to whip our asses out and do what we do to them in the whole sem. It’s their time for ‘PAYBACK’..

You will get a million funny cases of A Viva,and you will experience one i’m sure if you are an Engineer. I heard from My FE Junior “Vivas Student ke Talent to Test karne k Liye rehte hai‘…Hahahaa… I really don’t know which Talent the poor boy is referring to. May he find his ‘Talent’ soon enough.Orals certainly develop an Engineer’s Acting Skills ( Rather Over Acting). Act as if you know the answer but you forgot it at that very moment..
“Sir..aaahhh..Sir (Looks down )..(Acts as if he knows the answer and is about to Recollect )..Then Looks down again. The Sir is bored and asks the Guy sitting next to him. [:P]
{ The Following Blog contains Explicit Material,Parental Guidance is advised while Reading it 😛 }
If you are the first batch opening the innings,then you are going for nothing less than a War. The External is Fresh and raring to go. He craves for Blood. OUR Blood!!!..The First batch Gets a Pounding,bombardment of Alien Questions.Atleast 30 minutes when you feel you are being Raped and you are being assessed on the basis of it. Meanwhile,outside all Students start Speculating
Bh*****d, Kya G***d maar raha hai be..30 minute ho gaya.Kuch toh Draw karne bola hai usne.(Starts reading the book again )…Abbe yaar kitna padha hai tune?? Zyaada bak mat udhar La***e..”
The Second Student (acts as if he doesn’t know the subject at all ) : “Abbe C***e ,maine toh aaj subah hi book khola..Mere ko toh sure Repeat bolega woh “..
And when the first batch comes out after all the atrocities showered on them,the first sign they will make with their hand is
The Group : “Kholke maar raha hai..Jo aa raha hai woh bol do usse,nai toh G***nd maarte rahega “
And so the Students get all the more scared.start peeping in to their books again. as if they are gonna grasp the whole knowledge at one go.
So which one was the most interesting as well as the most horrible Viva i encountered this sem??
It was DMS (Design of Mechanical System ). A foggy monday morning,i didn’t touch my book at all on Sunday. was busy watching Man Utd V/s Sunderland Game (Man Utd won..wohhooo ) and then India V/s South Africa game. ( A game which saved me )..I opened the book,studied Belt Conveyer in the Train and reached the college. Let me tell you something about DMS. A Fuckall subject with no sense. Designing systems which are totally outdated, A Theory Paper of 4 hours,where if you write even 60 Marks,you are considered a Topper ( Welcome to Mechanical Engg).So i could only finish one chapter in the 2 hours i had. This was the first time i left my fate to Destiny ( Actually many times 😛 ). Listening to Agrophobia by Incubus the whole time and reading the book ( That’s my way of studying ehhh!! )..
So the viva starts, The first batch gets a Re viva, sabki G**nd fatt jaati hai. The second batch goes in, Gets another Re Viva. Everybody goes in to depression literally. So i was in the 5th batch. The 4th batch get a Re Viva too,and my shoulder drops too low, i have lost all my confidence. One step is taking million hours, I can’t fce the external, I don’t have the capacity of a Re Viva now..I look at the Belt Conveyer the last time . And then the words of encouragement comes from my fellow batchmate ” Jo hoga dekha jaayega, G**nd maar denge apun external ki “.. And i start imagining how would that feel [:) ]. So i somehow manage to keep a low face but inside i just couldn’t stop thinking d scenario..I have a really weird imagining power..neways,so i greet the external with a Good Afternoon ( Yes first step clear, The external smiled. so its not gonna be that hard )…
To be continued………..