Theist : God is Existence. God is Nature . God is Soul . God is in me.

Atheist : God is BULLSHIT!!!
And the war of the words go on!!!..Ever encountered these two specimens debating???Its a No win situation. Both are firm in their beliefs,one which has ‘GOD’ in them and one with ‘GOD???Who??What?? “…
Religion is a Crutch by the belief of Atheists, a mental disorder for some. A way of keeping a bunch of fools together to believe in something which does not exist( I remember Judith by A Perfect Circle ) . As Napoleon Quoted

“Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet”

For Theists,their GOD is their means of support. In India,Hinduism has 33 crore Gods. Quite a bit of overpopulation there too…But That’s what they like to believe. Hinduism has a God for everything. You just have to name it. On the other hand Islam has Allah, someone who looks over them in their difficult times but who cannot be seen. Different Religions, Different Concepts.

So Can so Many Gods Really Exist along with so many Religion?It depends on the preaching each individual provides. Religions don’t provide false preachings, its the people who have learnt to misuse them.Religions don’t teach us to seek to violence to prove ‘ My God is better then yours ‘ (i.e. Bawri Masjid). Religion doesn’t tell us to look down on someone just because he/she is a Dalit. And God certainly doesn’t tell us a Man is a more Dominant Specie. We,Humans have a Great Quality ‘Twist and twist the Truth to your own Good’.

Is there anything more to Atheism then just a ‘disbelief in God’ ? They question the myths, the loop holes every religion has. They have their beliefs based on facts rather then ‘The Generation long told stories’. They are Non Believers who are here to promote Reasoning and Skepticism.

That doesn’t mean Theist are dumb asses who believe in whatever is put in front of them. They have their own history and they like to be proud of their culture and Roots. Not a bad thing at their part too.

Would like to end it with a Quote by Zora Neale Hurston

‘Gods always behave like the People who created them’