So My friend just broke up with his GF and my another friend broke up with his BF..And each were accusing the other of cheating and not giving time to each other… (When the ‘I love u’ turns in to ‘Fuck You I Dont give a Shit!!’ )…Even though my friend is an emotional fool and he really misses that chick,but he doesn’t admit it..On the other hand The She friend is over emotional at times and prefers her crying to do the talking…Girls have a real effective tool in their kitty neways..When u ain’t winning a battle,make sure you wash it out with your tears.And Boys have a Typical ‘Mard ko Dard nai Hota ‘ Attitude…

So There are certain terms that i have come across which is taken differently in each of their context’s..
So Ladies and Gentleman and to those who are still confused about are some…
Girl :
1. When a Girl says Yes = She means Yes (Duhh!!)
2. When she Means ‘Ahhhhh!!!! Yes’ = She means ‘I dont know,I will think about it’
3. ‘We need to do this ‘ = That means i need to do this,even if u don’t wanna
4. ‘I’m sorry ‘ = Someday i ll make u pay for this too..You ll be sorry!!!
5. ‘We need to talk’ = ‘Dude, You are Fucked!!’
6. ‘Sure,Go ahead’ = ‘ I will kill you if u do’
7. ‘No, Im okay ‘ = ‘Of course she is upset Dumb ass!!’
8 . You are very Attentive tonight ‘ – Is sex all you ever think of?’
Boys :
1. ‘I m Hungry’ = ‘Mummmmmyyyyy Khaaanaaaaaaaaa’
2. ‘ I m sleepy ‘ = zzzzzzzzzzz…Hello??..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
3. ‘ I m Tired ‘ = ‘ Shot laga laga laga..Shot laga!!’
4. ‘ WOW!!! Nice dress ‘ = Wow!!! nice Boobs!!!
5. ‘I love You ‘ = ‘ Let’s have SEX!!!’ [:P]
6. ‘I m bored ‘ = ‘ Wanna have SEX??’
7. ‘ shall we dance??’ = SEX???
8. ‘ Can i call you sumtime??’ = Sex???
9. ‘ You free for movie tonight??’ = SEX???
10. ‘ Shall i Drop you??’ = SEX???
And Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex ????? [:P]