So this week,i have been listening and listening and listening coz i really had a fucked up week with all my submissions and stuff..So all i had to do was wake up,get dressed (sometimes bath too :P) convince myself “Go to college Moron!!”..Curse myself more for being an Engineer and then go to the my so called college..Been listening to a lot of incubus this week,bloody awesome band..My friend had told me to listen to it ages ago..but i somehow always landed up not picking incubus in my playlist ( I was busy Listening to OLP den )…Brandon Boyd somehow makes me realise that how much i suck at vocals,but neways i love to rape his songs and sing it loud..So here is the list of my songs on the loop..

1. Megalomaniac-Incubus

You are no Jesus..Yeah you are No fucking elvis…“..
And i so wanna sing it loud…The song starts with a scratchy warble building up in to a heavy riff and then makes you wanna jump out and bang your head in to the wall (Well,not literally :P)..Heavy Chorus,mellow mood of the verses and Bingo,you got a HIT!!…Saw the video of them live at RAR, The live version sounded more kickass den original..The crowd went berserk in the bridge and i so wish they come here in india…( I Rock are u listening??)…
2. Judith – A Perfect Circle

A_Perfect_Circle___Weathered.jpg image by ichimaru12

Life is so imperfect w/o A Perfect Circle..I started listening to them for Maynard..Apart from his whisperings in Tool and not so clear vocals,i liked him more in his APC attire.I really liked ‘Emotive’ though it was their version of covers.I liked ‘imagine’ more then the John Lennon version. And Judith is like the pinnacle of the band.Awesome Lyrics,vocals,bass,Rhythm..A Perfect song by A Perfect Circle.The song is about Keenan’s mom,who was restricted to the wheel chair for the rest of her life..And if you are an atheist you ll love this song..Just like i did..
“It’s not like you killed someone
It’s not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
Praise the one who left you broken down and paralyzed”

3. Cemetary Gates -Pantera

This song is a Legend already. And i somehow ended up hooked to it again.Terry Glaze is a vocalist who can sing ne shit and will make it sound so much better. Even James Labrie found it tough to emulate the standard of his vocals when DT paid a Tribute to Pantera (The same gig where Dave Mustaine Fucked up the solo :P)…Starts with an nice acoustic kinda patch,Gets heavier and You end up headbanging.And Dimebag ends up with the Best Guitarist award again..:P

4. Hollow years – Dream Theater

I ‘m not gonna brag about how great a band DT is or are they really humans??Or will Mike portnoy play a simple 4/4 loop..or will John ever play a solo that isnt’ complex..Here is a simple ballad which i think they composed when they were bored of playing complex time signatures

Mike Portnoy : Hey John,im bored of playing 13/16..lets try out something different..
John Petrucci: yeah dude..lets play 21/32 this time…
James : Can u play a simple 4/4 with an acoustic so that i can give some vocals to atleast one song??w/o any of you having a solo in between?
Mike Portnoy : I forgot how a 4/4 loop is played..I played it like ages ago..

(yeah,u can kick my ass for this lame joke )
Anyways..tis is a great song with some nerve catching vocals..and John’s acoustic part is is is…i got no words for it…You hear it yourself..And in case you are busy counting the cymbals and tom’s i ll help you out
10 cymbals and 16 Tom’s (approximately) and i wonder what he does with them..

5. Vicarious – TOOL

Always save your best Shot for the last. Vicarious is so delicious (yayyyy!That rhymes )…This is probably one of my all time fav songs..and if i could i ll place it every week on my playlist of the week.If there is anybody else who can give mike portnoy an inferiority complex,Daney Carey is the Man!!!What double bass fills,i always wonder what this guy plays?Drums or some alien instrument.coz he makes it sound like like..I got no words..Awesome vocals (Maynard again),For once The bassist overshadows the Guitarist totally..Justin does it always..!!!

“If you did’nt listen to TOOL;
You are a Bloody FOOL”

And so i end up with a PJ again…