Split-Junkyard Groove-Avial

There was a buzz in the Rock circuit,when Junkyard Groove and Avial were performing in Mumbai after a long time.The Gig was in Rajiv Gandhi Institute of technology in Andheri.No one can miss such an oppurtinity and with the pass merely placed at 50 bucks,how could i not go!!!..

JYG is one of my favourite bands,so i could not afford to catch them live,and with them if i get to see Avial too!!!..Well ,that is a blessing in disguise in itself.Split were opening for both the acts,and they were too reuniting after a hiatus (remember V Launchpad??).And so i geared up myself for the Gig with my friends. And finding the venue was an uphill task in itself.The college is located in the far away corner of Andheri,Took an eternity to find it..But in the end just got through in time..Split was just having their soundcheck.

Let the Gig begin!!!!

So Split starts with ‘Punk Rock days’..The band was tight enough,and it was worth a listen to them. Frankly,Garreth’s antics reminded me of Myles’s usual do overs..’Holy Ghost Machine gun’ was groovy enough to tap the feet on..’My house’ was one of their more popular songs and the band will soon be releasing their album ‘P is for Pig’..Do check them out at the link below

Split was gearing up for their last song,and i was waiting for my favourite band to come on stage.And so we were ready shouting ‘Junkyard groove..Junkyard Groove’ (no offence meant to Split in any sense,but we just couldn’t wait for them 😛 )..
‘Ladies and Gentlemen,and those who are still confused about it,This is Junkyard Groove’
And so Ameeth comes on stage with his usual hair do tripped down to short hair (And the Girls were screaming!!)…They started with ‘Imagine’..followed it up with ‘Let you go’, ‘Rock and Roll’..And the audience were thrown in a fizz..Madness for what JYG is known for..The sound to be specific wasn’t that great,but wasn’t bad either.Some sound breakdowns,some technical difficulties,but it’s all worth it when you hear ‘Say Goodbye’ on acoustic by ameeth with his heavily drunk influenced voice..[:P]..Not many knew all of their songs,but i assure you they were enjoying every bit and part of it..The Sing alongs, Ameeth’s strip tease,Michael Jackson tribute, Siddhu’s funky guitar!!..
Siddhu is surely one of the better guitarist i have seen over the past few years.And he surely makes JYG from being better to being ‘The Best’..And then the crowd went crazy!! WHY??
Its OK..It’s Allright..We are the same and there is no need to Cry!!
(That is Why!!:P)
And if you haven’t listened to this song of JYG,you are surely missing something.This was surely not the best gig JYG had in mumbai,but who cares,I enjoyed..And yeah I loved your new acoustic too Ameeth!!…
Then came Avial..They need no Intro.Termed as one of the pioneering bands to bring rock to their mother tongue.A kerala based Malayali Rock band.And if you haven’t heard Nada Nada i recommend you to not surf through facebook or talk to your Gf for 5 minutes and rather listen to this.(As if you are gonna,Think about being an optimist!)
I was really awestruck watching Rex Vijayan.The Guy is surely worth listening to when he plays.The band started with Instrumentals with the DJ mixer sound prominent. The Vocals for me were really disappointing to say the least.Looking like A Joe satriani look alike turned vocalist.
Anyways,The Gig belonged to JYG,and i had my paisa vasool for this..Thanx Guys for entertaining.Hope to see such gigs in future