Everyone is going Ga-Ga about IPL and the so called ‘brainchild’ of Lalit Modi (i would rather say Copycat).Just a monkey bussiness to generate Crores (i wonder there’s more to that then just Crore).A game where they play ads more then cricket..Literally kahi bhi thoos dete hai ads..

And why the hell you need two so called Maxx Mobile Timeouts?..The commentators are so obsessed with the sponsors names,i wonder if they will come out of the habit in time of the international matches.
(Imagine Ravi shastri shouting “Karbonn Kamaal ka catch” in the Twenty-20 world cup πŸ˜› )..As if they have a Compulsive disorder of chanting a Sponsor name before every cricketing term..

Wow,what a DLF maximum!!!…This is a Citi moment of success…Karbonn kamaal ka catch

Mann..Get a Life!!!…Imagine Commentators going one step further

“This is a Kingfisher Yorker..It is a Rupa Frontline Dropped catch..Wow this is Manikchand Guthka Dive…( i know it’s lame :P) ” and what not….

So what are the most irritating ads that come during an interesting match??

5. Idea uungli cricket: An ad comprising of more silly questions you can ask to anyone.Imagine any Bakwaas question related to Cricket and this ad will have it. Add to it the ‘Ohh i’m so hot ‘ expression of the girl behind abhishek and the peon prving why he deserves to be killed with his acting to his grave.Plzzzz..I hate this Idea SIRJIIII..

4. The commentators again praise the MRF so much as if they are forever obliged to them.(Doodh ka karz)… The MRF this and The MRF that (Dude,we dnt wanna know what the Fuck MRF is,lemme watch the match πŸ˜› )

3. The Maxx Mobile timeout: A way to pour in some more ads rather then players ‘strategising’ anything..And when you wonder where the match will go..A worst kinda devil laughter irritates you to the Core “bwaahahahahahahahhaa” (yeah,that is akshay kumar overdoing it)..He breaks the glass,breaks the whole hotel room and still gets away with it (Thanx to his Maxx mobile,His Saviour!!!)…And then i change the channel and have the last laugh (bwaahahahahhaa..Are u listening akshay??? )

2. Nokia-Main bhi Coach Contest : So if one Coach can’t work wonders for KKR ,will a million make any difference??..well Nokia really thinks so…Now i realise how KKR become a team destined to lose..Well,if you take field training from a paperwaala and sledging lessons from a vamp..no wonder they don’t know how to play and win..

1. Maxx Mobile (Again!!!): “aaee..tera call….nahi nahi..tera call..hahahha”…When two cricketers who act as if they are Gay and do some silly acting you get this Maxx mobile ad..Why would two so rich cricketers use the same mobile and have Vidya calling both of them??? (Poor Vidya!!)..And on top of that,they come in between every over until you pull your hair out and say “STOP THIS NON SENSE..Let me watch CRICKET!!”

These are some of the ads in the Big List.For now this is Bacardi Goodbye (Oops!!i got the IPL Ad syndrome too :P)