If you roll back in time say 10 years ago,Chelsea were no where in the picture as far as the great rivalries are concerned.Back then it was Man Utd V Liverpool or The Red Devils and the Gunners whose matches were sold out like Pan Cakes.

It Started with Roman Abramovich buying out Chelsea and then his installation and transformation of Chelsea began. The “Special One” Jose Mourinho declared as the manager of Chelsea and they never looked back since. A Rivalry of the Red and the Blue was Born.
Who can forget May 2005,United had to suffer the ignominy to provide a Guard of honour for Chelsea as they walked out at Old Trafford as Champions after nearly Half a Century.Chelsea had to return the Favour to Sir Alex’s side 2 years later (Sweet Revenge)..
It has become a kind of tradition for the two clubs to meet during Spring Time,but half of that time the title was already decided as of which way it was going.This year is pretty exciting,with Chelsea leading The Red Devils by just two points and 5 matches still to go.Berbatov is going the Shevchenko way (which actually led to the Mourinho exit) and is yet to prove his 30 million worth.
Chelsea after appointing Jose Mourinho as their manager won back to back titles and were instantly called ‘The Next Big thing in the EPL”.In Fact they were so intamibly Unpopular after their second title that even The Liverpool fans provided a Hand of Support for the Red Devils.The last 5 years it has always been a two horse race in the EPL with Arsenal and Liverpool faultering their way throughout.With the last two titles in United’s Bank.

The score stands as 2-2 in the race of Supremacy!!!

Chelsea and United have locked horns already in the 2008 Champions League finals (The Famous Terry Penalty miss!!) with United winning a Thriller and then Chelsea sending United down in the FA Cup Finals.While all say Chelsea is the next real madrid (In terms of buying Players) and not using them to their Potential (Read Sheva,Ballack,Crespo,Deco) United on the other hand likes to go with the blend of youth and experience.Scholes and Giggs along with Carrick,Valencia,Nani have been a regular part of the Side.Sir Alex doesn’t believe in Chops and Changes in the side too much and likes to keep it Simple.The Man is managing The Red devils from the past 20 years (Man!! i wasn’t even born then) knows the managing job better then anyone else in the world.Chelsea on the other Hand has been quite on a Decline since Mourinho’s exit.The Special One is now managing Inter Milan but doesn’t deny a return to the Premiership (Mayb he ll manage United in the near future..Who Knows)The war of words were a treat to watch between Mourinho and Sir Alex..Chelsea after his exit has changed Managers like we change underwears.Ronaldo exit has certainly left a void in the mid field of united.They clearly lacked a Champion Performance in the last encounter against Chelsea.A Game of refereeing errors but Chelsea deserved to win (I can’t believe i’m saying this,But still The Red Devils are the BEST!!).

The Field is nothing less than a Battle field when these two Gigantic teams play,Emotions run through the players and everything goes.Flurry of Yellow Cards (A few Reds as well),Abusing,Adrenaline Rush,Mocking and what not.If you missed them In action,you certainly miss one of the budding Rivalries In the EPL.And there is more to Come.

Man Utd PicK of the Players : Wayne Rooney

This Guy cannot put a foot wrong at this moment.Every thing he touches turns to GOAL.Unfortunate his injury came at a time when United needed him the most.But he surely has more then made up for Ronaldo’s exit.

Chelsea PicK of the Players: Didier Drogba

From being the Super Sub in the last match againt United to being a Super Flop.He has been everything this Season.But Still he is the one of the most Influential Players you will come across.Already Chelsea’s Top Scorer,They need him to fire just as he is doing at the moment.