..So i wanted to become an engineer (Or in army,ohh wait, maybe an artist..No No, i wanted to be a Cricketer..yeah whatever!!)..He who knows what to do in his Life really knows Bliss!!And he who knows nothing erlse to do in life is what we call an ‘Engineer’..

Got through all the hap-hazards of the selection process,and Ohhh!! i was so excited..Atlast i will get to to do what i want (Well,not exactly..I wanted to do Automobile,but got Mechanical nonetheless).Well i surely won’t take the college name i got in to. (Who cares ).I really thought college doesn’t matter all that much,Knowledge is what counts (Again,So NAIVE i was !!!).
So my First day to go to college,Pretty excited(hell nervous!)..I enter the college which is located in the jungles of navi mumbai.Don’t bother if anyone even stayed there.So i enter the Gate The wall is plain cemented with A tile on it ( Yeah Just One )..So what’s the Concept of these tiles?I came to know about that after 4 years myself…Anyways later on it became the Famous five tiles of our college,with each tile being added each year.(weird,but true).So i sit in the lecture,alone on the last bench ( i never was a first bencher you see 😛 ). A Person who seemed to be our Proffesor came to the class
Well he didn’t really looks like the one above but Whatever!!..He was more of a dick then the Gentleman above (I hope you get the Picture 😛 ). Came in and introduced himself And dnt rememeber those Golden words but they somewhat went like this!!
“Myself Mr.Mohite.M Tech from VJTI (Does VJTI sell M Tech degrees like Pan Cakes??). I have to been teaching in this the college since the 10 years.I teach mechanics to you. I have two daughters,Both are Girls (And i thought Inzy speaks the worst english in the world)..I will be your Class advisor for the year..(what does that mean??He will advise us?? :P)..” ..And he went blah blah about the “rich” history of our college..( If our college was that rich,why don’t you get those walls covered up with tiles you Shithead!! )..Anyways the rest of the day went just like the reast of the semester. The crowd to be more specific was like i am living in a Desert with no water (read Babes)…So what do you do in such colleges? (You run for your Life!!!!).
According to the professors,we attend lectures and gain ‘knowledge’ until i found out that they really don’t have the knowledge to share ..Well,except their Mt everest like Ego’s anything else about them was not worth noticing.
For eg: i told the teacher the unit of torque is Newton-metre and not Newton/metre (Yeah!!she actually wrote that )..And she argued with me on that ..And i felt like i was talking to Tushar Kapoor about acting..Any ways,may she too get a degree of M Tech (yeah,u guessed it rIght,From VJTI!!!)..See,we students never mean to hamper the progress of our professors and always wish them luck (Talk about Generosity!!)..And their Generosity never crossed 18 marks in term work. Speak about KKR never going to IPL Finals,Thats how they can’t cross a 18 mark barrier..You Have to Climb the barrier listen to every bull shit the proff offers you and still smile and attend. Anyways here is the secret if you want to try it out. (Applied to Mumbai University only)
1. Attend their every Lecture,even if it means ripping your soul apart (That was out of the question..Hence not feasible)
(P.S : Please don’t try the above stunt in real Life…)
2.Never argue with them..even if they say 100 * 1 = 1100..It’s really no use talking to a wall (Especially if the wall gives you the Term work 😛 )
3.Whenever they look at you,always shake your head as if you are totally engrossed in their lectures ( YAWN!!)..So that the poor souls can feel that they really can ‘teach’..
4. Always talk in their Mother Tongue ( Marathi) so that they can really understand what you are talking about and in no way make them feel they are inferior to you.(even if they maybe :P)