Wow!! what a Day..I had to complete 5 assignments today (or atleast i intended to)..Guess what i haven’t started writing even one..[:P]..The above picture depicts exactly how my brain was picturing it..In the morning woke up all sleepy to go to my friend to get the assignments.Wasted my precious time fooling around with him.(Yeah..sometimes i really feel if there could be more then 24 hours in a day). Came home and changed my schedule to start writing after i practice Guitar. Instead started watching Pantera Videos..That reminds me, Dimebag Darell..What an Fuckawesome Guitarist…Been listening to Cemetary Gates since morning.Anyways when the time came to finally get down to writing,i was so tired that somehow i convinced my mind to take a Nap.

God knows what i dreamt.It was a Good Sleep,Woke up like i had a Hangover..Bombs exploding in my Head (I really should stop sitting in front of the PC now).Made some coffee..Before i realised it was time for the ‘El-Classico’.

Manchester United v/s Chelsea

So thought of postponing my Assignment deal for a bit.Got some Thums up and Chips and here we Go..Ready for the Big game.

The first Half was boring.Man Utd hardly got any possession.The referee was an asshole..Denied Man Utd a Penalty Chance.And Chelsea strikes with a Joe Cole footing. What The Fuck..Isn’t this match supposed to be in Old Trafford??..How can Chelsea draw first blood..What the fuck is Berbatov doing??..With all these questions floating around my mind, i still was pretty confident that Man Utd will bounce back.Coz generally they are a Second Half Team. Anyways First Half score 0-1

So I geared myself up for the second Half.

Woahh!!!That was Close.Berbatov with a Header..Man Utd pushing Chelsea right in to their own Half..That’s it,Chelsea suckers running for their life.But then Drogba beats the off side trap and scores, and whats the catch??Bloody he was offside..Was the linesman Blind??Or did really abramovich buy him out..That was as dead as a duck..HE WAS OFFSIDE!!!Anyways the scoreline read 0-2 ..I wish it was 2-0..[:(]

Last 10 minutes remaining.And like a True Man Utd fan,I was Optimistic of Man Utd bouncing back in the end.. And Guess what!!! The Super Sub Fredrico Macheda had arrived (remember the Goal Against Villa in the 94th minute?).And The God just listened to me..yes he did..Macheda scores in the 82nd minute..woah..Back on Track are we..”Glory Glory Man Utd”..Scoreline: 1-2

10 minutes to go..’Common your magic, Tell those retards you can do as good as Rooney can’..Neville throws out a dolly,and Berba heads,andddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Petr Cech SAVES!!! [:(]

That’s the final nail in the coffin.Gone the title race.Gone the Title.And my friends messages start pouring in. ( Fuck you,Man U Lost..wohooo..Chelsea rullzzz) typos.Fuck you too,Atleast we are in the Champions League you morons..And we don’t cheat to lose..

And then i really didn’t have any mood to write any assignment or even watch a Mumbai indian match (My another fav team)..It was Just me and meri Tanhai..

Picked up my guitar,strummed 4 chords and started singing “Fuck You Chelsea,man Utd still Rules.We are the red devils,we dont have anything left to prove”..( I wrote that song..Can You believe it?[:P] )..I know that was awful..

Anyways Mumbai Indians won too..Heard the news now..So not a Bad day afterall..One of my Teams won..(and yeah Sachin is GOD )..What started as an assignment writing day ends up with a Blog ( I should be writing assignment right now if i was really all that worried about and not here laying my lazy ass around )..

Anyways I promise tommorrow i will complete all my assignments or atleast try to..Cheers