Continuing the discussion on what makes a Rock band special??

The sacrifices,the ego’s,the alter ego’s, the attitude of the group (or the lack of it)
Being in India being in a Rock band means “KOOL” and “Happening” to your friends while it means you are “wasting” your time for your parents.
Career bana, padhai kar, yeh Tunn tunaa (Guitar) bajaana chodd”..Yeah thats a very common script in every household.Somebody Please tell them, “Mummy,Its a Guitar, Not a Tunn Tunna or whatever”..

A Band is a Fusion of people comning together to play music even though they may be inspired from different Genres just to make one thing happen. MUSIC.

If you are a Guitarist,GOD save you!!!People will expect you to play ‘Rock ON’ or maybe ‘Sweet Child o’mine’ or a certain ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’..Whatever happened to originality..
Half of the bands have wannabe’s written all over them..’Look dude,we are so cool, we play Iron Maiden,we play Metallica,,Ohh yeah !!!’
Anyways,so what it takes to be in a band??Well..some Booze,Drugs,Chicks,some 4 Chords (3 Chord patterns if you are a Greenday Fan [:P],..Nevermind that’s the definition of a ‘Poser‘…It’s SIMPLE…It doesn’t take anything to be in a band except ‘Dedication’ and ‘PATIENCE’..Two alien words who nobody cares to abide with..I mean who in the hell would care about these phrases when you jam.
Bands are created and destroyed everyday,some of them are good while some of them Well,you can’t even call them a Band..Making a Band starts with dreaming Big.’Being Famous, Roars,Stage antics, Abuse (Regular in Indian Rock Scene),Yeah yeah who can forget Booze and Bombs (read Girls) ..well even Tushar Kapoor dreamed being a Superstar someday..Ahh!!Nevamind..


Welcome to the REAL World.A Band rarely sticks together for a Longer period,(call it EGO or whatever).Everyone in the band feels,he has to contribute to the song in a large way,The Lead would want a nerve ripping solo,The Rhythm would want a Headbanging riff, The Drummer would want a dynamic groove going and the Vocalist would want a Sing along Chorus. But the ‘main’ Thing is the view everybody takes on it. Not necessary everyone will like each other’s piece of music. But that’s where understanding comes in. To Put these diversified ideas and combine them in to a piece which is worth listening.

How your Jamming turns out totally depends on the mood swings that are recurring. Any small thing turns to be scary enough to ruin the atmosphere.And if the instrumentalists are from differnet genres,that makes things really interesting. (Imagine a Metal Head playing in a punk band..won’t go well.will it??)…
Anyways,every Band has their differences.What matters is what they compose when they come together.You don’t really have to be in Einstien to figure that out.Making of a ‘Band’ reflects the energy,friendship,differences to overcome and yet making soething what they are destined to do is what it is all about.
Peace /m\