Porcupine Tree never stops to amaze me. Steven Wilson always slogs about each of his song being different and special in its own way.Well this song certainly is!!!
Starting with a slow build up and some whacky patch and suddenly the drums,guitar and bass burst in to the scene altogether with a Larger than life Riff.And when you expect the song to be more heavier the Verse moves on in to a acoustic delay pattern suddenly with beautiful vocals by Steve. I like the verse more then the Riff to be honest.But the whole song structure is really worth sweeping you off your feet when you least expect it.

2. Say GoodBye – Junkyard Groove

This song is stuck in my head for more than a week or so.This ballad of sorts comes from an Indian Band “Junkyard Grooooove” ( With a Madrasi accent :P).. I becam a fan of this song as soon as i heard it. Reminds me of all the wonderfull people in my life.And when a song does that you know you are totally in love with that song..[:)]. Ameeth provides touching vocals and Siddhu is one of my favourite Guitarists now ( with his Slash Look alike Outfit )

” Say Goodbye, Say goodbye aahaaye. Never wanna live to see that day, when i have to say Goodbye “

3. Best i Ever Had – Vertical Horizon

I have to admit i didn’t like this band as much earlier. Just thought they were a one song wonder when i had heard their song ” You’re a GOD” from the movie “Bruce Almighty“. Downloaded the album instantly and listened to it. Initially didn’t find it that good. Suddenly i’m humming all their tunes..[:P]. Best I ever had is a simple 4 Chord piece with simple yet catchy melody. The Vocalust surely tries to keep it simple and as a band,they are what u can say A ‘Mainstream’ band with repeating the same formulae in their last album too which was one of the best albums last year.
4. Spitleaf – ZERO

Another Indian Band on the List, the disbanded ‘Zero’ ( i really wish they come back together ) produced a musical masterpiece from their album ‘Hook’. Spitleaf starts with a bluesy kinda feeling which isn’t a surprise considering Warren’s influences and then builds up rhythm and drums. If the crowds go mad hearing ‘ Standing by Standing by Standing by Standing by ‘ they simply stand in awe listening to Spitleaf. This is ‘The‘ Warren Mendosa special. [:)]. The Patterns are repeated with some Legato playing and pull off’s in the scale of A major. Been trying this song for a week or so. I just hope i pull it off.
5. Open Your eyes – Alter Bridge

Nobody does it better then ‘The King of wah wah’. Open your eyes has one of the best solos i have ever heard. And you will always find this song in Top 5 songs of the week ( only if i could :P)
A band having two ‘Legendary’ Guitarist’ ( Myles Kennedy is one of the best Jazz Guitarists in the world ) that’s what you would expect from them. A Kick ass band, a ‘faadu’ song and Mark Tremonti is GOD..:P
That ends my top 5 songs of the list. Its none of my bussiness if you don’t like it. I Love it and that’s all i care.
Peace /m\
Listen to it when your teacher kicks you out of the class ( yeah, my college does that often, neways i’m better off out then listening to those jerks ) or when you travelling or when you’re having sex [:P] or doing whatever you are doing (that’s none of my bussiness).
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