Switchfoot is one of my favourite bands and they released their new album ‘Hello Hurricane‘ in 2009..Not one of their best works yet but surely a record worth listening to..[:)] Their best work yet being ‘Beautiful Letdown‘,this record is a bit too far from it…They have far disassociated themselves from their Major Record Label “Columbia Records” and this is their another self produced album..

Speaking about the album,it has surely got an uplifting feel about it and catchy choruses (i wonder how Jon comes with those mouthing choruses :P)..The Guitar work has also been worked finely in this album with Drew coming up with a nice patch in ‘The Sound‘..Apparently that song was composed by Jon Foreman while he was reading a John Perkin’s books and hence one of its lines is read as ‘John Perkins said it right, Love is the final fight’

Enough to let me Go‘ is a nice number saying life is all about to live for the moment and give and take..The acoustic feel in the start drools you over to listen to the song. While ‘Free‘ has kinda Grungier feeling to it with the same thing played on the guitar over and over again..It’s an interesting composition with the chorus heard as

‘Inside my shell,there’s a prison cell’

.Being trapped inside one’s own consience and not being able to set free.

Hello Hurricane‘ has soft and Hard parts equally spaced out in it..Chad Butler has some nice rolls going over here in this song with a typical 4 chord pattern.The song sends out a strong message and is well written about having to deal with difficulties in his own life and not wanting to face any other for the time being.The Vocals of Jon stands out in this song. The Intro however reminds me of a Hindi song which i cant recall :P. However it is a song worth singing ( especially for the Switchfoot Fans ).

Mess of me’ being the first single out from the album goes on to punkier version.a nice effort overall.Talks about the already fucked up life of an indivivual but didnt excite me to sing along.Same case being with ‘Needle in Haystack Life’

The best song i came across was ‘Always’ in the album. I always love to hear Switchfoot acoustic ballads.They are one of the best when it comes to acoustic compositions.And they don’t dissappoint here either.The song writes about hope and redemption.I love the line

‘Hallelujah, I’m a wretched man ; Hallelujah, every breath is a second chance’.

Tells about the sins one has to do to survive and the ways you get to undo it.The Guitar work is quite simple but the keyboards sounds like a lullaby.nice loop in to it.

Bullet soul’ didn’t interest me much except the scream of Jon in the end.

All in all,a nice album worth listening to.but still off track from ‘Beautiful Letdown’..Jon Foreman did say “We wanted to start with a clean slate because the last couple of records felt kind of compromised,” on the album launch.

He also added “With Sony, they fired people so quickly that it was hard for us to develop any sort of traction, so we fired ourselves. We got off the label because music is very sensitive to the place that it’s coming from. We wanted to create an environment where we were going to be with the same people for a long time and trust is established”.

Recommended: Always;The Sound;Your Love is a Song

Listen to it if you feeling love and Happiness around you which this album is totally filled with and of course if you are a Jon Foreman Fan.[:)]

The Band is one of the best Post-Grunge bands of this era and they just proved it yet again with another Creative album in their kit.
Do check them out at http://www.switchfoot.com/.
Peace /m\